Teen found carrying sister's DECAPITATED head while walking the streets of Mexico

Police in Quiroga, Mexico arrested a 19-year-old male after they spotted him walking around with his sister's head and a shotgun on Saturday in broad daylight. 

The suspect, identified as Sebastian M. by a local news outlet, was carrying his sister's decapitated head around Quiroga when witnesses called the Michoacán State Police.  

His sister was identified as Julieta M. She was 29 years old and her body was left naked at a gas station several hundred feet away.  

Sebastian had been intoxicated when police arrested him outside while he walked by a government clinic. He has been charged with her murder, but police as of Monday have not been able to discover a motive for the incident.  

He is being held by the Michoacán state prosecutor's office while the crime is being investigated.  

The incident is reminiscent of earlier criminal activity in October of 2022 where Lev Norman was arrested for allegedly carrying Lucero Yazmin's head in his backpack and when a cartel forced a group of five college students to murder each other earlier in August.

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