BREAKING: Jack Posobiec rages against evil in AmFest speech, brings Christian veteran who beheaded satanic idol in Iowa state Capitol on stage

Jack Posobiec took the stage at TPUSA's 2023 America Fest and brought on Michael Cassidy, the man who beheaded the satanic statue at the Iowa State Capitol and spoke on the goodness of the west.

Taking to the stage with applause, Posobiec started out his speech and said that the country has become a place where western values are hated and the country has turned against itself. 

"The west is the best and they are not going to take our civilization from us," he stated. 

Posobiec then said he is not going to sit around and watch his children grow up in a place where the values of the west are hated and his boys are hated for being white and Christian

Posobiec then brought on Michael Cassidy as someone who rejected anti-western values by beheading the satanic statue at the Iowa State Capitol. 

Cassidy was asked by Posobiec on stage, "What was it like when you walked into the Iowa State Capitol and you saw before you, at Christmas time, that statue on that altar?"

"It was an abomination," Cassidy replied.

Cassidy said that people need to wake up to what is happening in the world around us.

"They may think it's a joke that they triggered us but the devil is real and we have to be ready," he added.

Speaking about how this would affect young people, Posobiec replied, "They always target the children."

"They always go for the children," Posobiec said. "Whether it's the drag queen story hours or whether its the satanic ritual worship."

Staying on the topic of children being impacted, Posobiec brought up the movie Sound of Freedom, and said that it has become one of the top movies of the year, hitting $250 million in box office sales. 

Closing out, Cassidy declared, "There's no equivalency between God and the devil. They are polar opposites. And we should not listen to those who tell us that Satan and Jesus Christ - that they're the same."

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