Jack Posobiec and Evita Duffy call out the Taylor Swift psyop: 'She is going to turn her massive fan base for Biden in this election'

Evita Duffy joined Jack Posobiec on his Human Events Daily show on Wednesday to unpack the true reason the media is majorly pushing Taylor Swift on Americans and the DINK (dual income, no kids) lifestyle she promotes.

Duffy gave a scathing review of Swift's music, pointing out that, for the most part, many of the songs are comprised of the same musical melodies and subject matter, yet the corporate media has been promoting Swift as if she's "the greatest thing that ever happened to humanity."

"This is not a musical mastermind," she said.

Duffy pointed out that while Swift is not what one would consider a typical "leftist," she is left-leaning, supports Biden, and promotes Covid vaccines.

She does in fact seem, as Duffy described, "not educated" when it comes to politics and societal issues that affect average Americans.

This is highlighted in the resurfaced clip from 2018 of a teary Swift proclaiming Senator Marsha Blackburn "votes against fair pay for women" and against protection from "domestic abuse and stalking."

"She thinks that if you're a gay couple, or even look like a gay couple, you should be allowed to be kicked out of a restaurant," Swift said, before adding "Those aren't Tennessee Christian values. I live in Tennessee. I am a Christian."

Posobiec reminded his audience that Swift is in fact from northeastern Pennsylvania.

"What a silly statement to make," Duffy said.

She illustrated how the left seems to be using Swift "when they need to pull out a big card and get the youth vote to go and vote for whatever candidate the Democrats are pushing."

"She's a girl boss, she has a lot of failed relationships where she blames the man every time." Duffy asked, "Why are we pushing Taylor Swift?"

Posobiec then brought up how Taylor Swift seems to embrace and promote the "DINK" lifestyle, which has become popularized on TikTok where couples with no kids boast about their carefree existence.

"Now she'll never come out and say it," he said, "but it's all this sort of career over family, right?"

"What we're seeing is actually a very advanced psychological operation, whereby in ... she is going to shill for Biden, and she is going to turn her massive, ... extremely massive fan base for Biden in this election, because they know they need people like Taylor Swift," Posobiec stated.

"Once the presidential election comes around again," Duffy predicted, "Taylor Swift is going to go all in for Biden, irrespective of what young leftists actually want in the party" because the pop star "falls in line very well" with what the Democrats want.

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