JACK POSOBIEC at CPAC Japan: President Trump will 'restore the balance of power' in Asia and around the globe

Jack Posobiec sat on the national security panel "World War: Israel and Hamas", and it's impact on Asia on day two at CPAC Japan, during which the strengthening BRICS alliance proved to be a topic of interest. When asked about the possibility of the wars in the Middle East and between Russia and Ukraine evolving into a World War III, Posobiec expressed that Donald Trump could be the only force able to resolve these conflicts and prevent them.

"From my perspective," he said, "we must understand that great power competition is always going to be part of the international system, it's certainly always going to be part of any decision that's made from the United States, from China, from Japan, really any other any great power in the world."

"But the main thing that I would say, for the United States ... what we must learn is that we cannot force the hand of any of these nations," he stated.

"And so this is why," Posobiec explained, "I've always been so supportive and continue to be supportive of President Trump and his ability to bring all sides together to create peace deals, but at the same time, maintain a credible deterrence through the use of military force if he needs to."

Posobiec predicted that if President Trump wins the presidency and returns to the White House in 2025, he will successfully resolve the conflict in the Middle East and in Europe as well as 'restore the balance of power' in Asia.

Posobiec concluded the episode by saying: "We understand that the United States, our world, the rise of BRICS, the proxy war in Ukraine, Israel/Hamas, all of this could potentially bring us to the witch's brew of World War III. There is a possibility to off-ramp this, there is a possibility to choose MAGA world peace, but it's up to us to take it and there are literally trillions of dollars between us and that future standing in our way . The only chance that we have forward is the spirit of the working man and woman in this world."

Image: Title: POSO CPAC Japan


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