DAVID KRAYDEN: Justin Trudeau's climate czar wants the UN to subjugate Canadians

Among the sands of Dubai this week, you will find Canada’s Environment and Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbeault attending the Conference of Partners (COP28) United Nations climate change conference. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, often a keynote speaker at the annual explosion of haute cuisine, late-night drinking and exuberant self-righteousness, is curiously absent this year.

But the globalist Guilbeault, who recently announced that he has asked the United Nations to overturn a federal court’s decision against the Trudeau government’s ban on single-use plastics, is perfectly at home here.

It is difficult to believe that the climate change warriors would choose Dubai to promote their contentious agenda, that promotes the radical elimination of carbon at the expense of human suffering. However, the fight against climate change is waged with a religious fervor, and they apparently see nothing ironic, nothing unseemly, nothing toxic or nothing surreal in staging a climate change extravaganza in the desert. Just imagine the size of the carbon footprint generated alone by the air-conditioning required to keep these disciples of climate change cool. 

There is something both febrile and comical about this scene, but no one on the scene is acknowledging the decay or having any laughs.

And of course, the vast majority of the anxious participants flew in by private jet. Like U.S. climate change czar John Kerry, himself a frequent flier on his private jet, the denizens of the climate change fight need to do this because of the sanctity and deep importance of their mission.

So, it is offsetting not to see fellow frequent flier Trudeau on-scene. He is in the midst of his own climate change crisis, desperately trying to avoid giving farmers an exemption to his hated carbon tax, that is supposed to wean Canadians off of fossil fuels that cannot be replaced by any known commodity of so-called green energy. All of the solar panels and windmills around the world cannot power a modern economy and Trudeau knows this. 

He recently allowed a three-year pause on the carbon tax for home heating oil because the vast majority of those using this substance to heat their homes reside in Atlantic Canada – traditionally loyal to the Liberal Party but increasingly impoverished by the carbon tax. Trudeau and the Liberal Party are assiduously attempting to buy back their support.

Trudeau usually flees the country when under political attack, only to embarrass himself and Canada on the international scene. Remember the dreadfully awful photo op in India as he preened before the cameras in traditional Indian garb? Or the pathetically pedestrian rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody when he was in London to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II? Or how about the recent incident in India where he accused his host country of engineering the assassination of a Sikh-Canadian in British Columbia?

But Trudeau doesn’t need to be in Dubai, because his alter-ego is there and that doppelganger is Guilbeault.

Trudeau brought Guilbeault into the Liberal cabinet after the last federal election in 2021. Guilbeault had, until then, had an undistinguished career that was largely defined by his years as a prominent Greenpeace activist who was arrested four times for his political stunts, most notably for an attempt to scale the CN Tower in Toronto – at one time the world’s tallest free-standing building.

Guilbeault has been perfectly clear since assuming office that he is loyal, not to Canada, but to the climate change ideology and to globalism – and to hell with those deplorables who have to make the sacrifices.

Throughout the summer, he imagined that all the forest fires consuming huge swaths of timber throughout Canada were a direct result of climate change. He provided no evidence and obviously avoided all the copious reports that arson was the reason for many of the blazes. 

In his fanaticism to reach “net zero” energy levels, Guilbeault is quite prepared to turn off the electricity and shut off the oil and natural gas.

“Absolutely, that’s what fighting climate change looks like, limiting the amount of fossil fuels we’re using,” he said.

Guilbeault ignores Supreme Court rulings that contend the federal government cannot dictate energy policies to the provinces, so Alberta Premier Danielle Smith invoked the Alberta Sovereignty Act to tell Guilbeault and the federal government what they can do with their net zero dictates on fossil fuels. Prairie provinces do not have the luxury of using hydro-electricity because they lack the water resources to do so.

The environment minister recently declared himself to be “a proud socialist” but his actions reveal a drift to the extreme left.

He’s also a strict globalist, who is prepared to undermine Canadian law by appealing to the United Nations to circumvent a recent federal court ruling that found the Trudeau government’s ban on single-use plastics to be both “unreasonable and unconstitutional.”

Likes his boss, Justin, who never fails to echo the World Economic Forum’s call for a “reset” in any crisis, Guilbeault demonstrated from whom he takes his orders and revealed that he had already asked the United Nations to provide the necessary legislation to ban plastics. 

“We're trying to do something that is probably unheard of in the history of the United Nations, to come up with a new international treaty, [a] legally binding treaty to ban plastic pollution in two years.”

“I mean, that's lightspeed for any government,” Guilbeault said at a news conference.

“To adopt a new law in Canada or a new regulation takes about 18 months 18 to 24 months, and we are trying to come up with a new international treaty in 2024.” 

Guilbeault flew to China for meetings last September with a communist party-controlled environmental caucus. China produces 33 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and Canada 1.3 percent, but you will never hear Guilbeault demand more environmental sacrifices from China.

I recently interviewed a former Ontario Liberal MP, who offered nothing but disdain for Guilbeault, frankly calling him “a Marxist” with an extremist agenda.

Dan McTeague, who is now the president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, told me that Guilbeault “is a Manchurian Candidate and for people who don't understand the expression – and  I'm not talking about the movie – I’m referring to somebody who can be used as a useful idiot by another country to come out and spout these things off.”

“He is a Marxist and there's no doubt from his comments and his reputation: anybody who’s done a bit of research on this man will come quickly to the conclusion. He's the last PR person you should have in Parliament, much less as a minister jetting off to another country. Where I come from, in my generation of Liberals, that would be considered seditious and potentially treasonous.”

Whether he’s thinking of China, the UN or the climate change religion, Guilbeault is never thinking of his own people, or thinking at all.

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