JACK POSOBIEC at CPAC Japan: Joe Biden 'more responsible for the rise of the CCP in the world than anyone currently serving in the US government'

Jack Posobiec traveled to Japan to speak at their CPAC national security panel "The Japanese Way of Life in a Time of Crisis," during which he slammed Joe Biden's handling of Xi Jinping and China during his presidency.

The panel was largely focused on the rise of the CCP and the effects it will have on East Asia. With that, the first topic of discussion was Xi's recent visit to San Francisco during which he met with Biden and Governor Gavin Newsom.

Posobiec stated that "The most important thing to understand about the Joe Biden summit meeting with Xi Jinping was actually said by the White House before the summit took place" when Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that "there will be no economic decoupling of the United States and China."

"Joe Biden, more so than possibly any other United States elected official is more responsible for the rise of the CCP in the world than anyone else currently serving in the United States government," he said.

He shed light on the Biden family's financial benefits from their relationship with China, specifically Joe's son Hunter.

Posobiec said that "because he has a personal stake in the rise of China, he will never do anything to stop the underwriting of Chinese business, of Chinese finance, and ultimately, the People's Liberation Army by the United States and US foreign direct investment.

"Biden is a pro-China politician, and he will never stop being one."

He then focused on the issue of the increasing aggression Taiwan has seen from the CCP. Japan has recently strengthened its military ties with Taiwan because of this.

"When Donald Trump was in office," Posobiec stated, "he was making sure that the United States stood with Taiwan, and the United States stood economically with Taiwan."

He reported that "China has been working very strongly to build their own domestic semiconductor capacity within their country in order to offset any potential split or decoupling with Taiwan" and they are able to do so under Biden's leadership.

Taiwan has long been a powerhouse for semiconductor chip manufacturing. 

Posobiec warned that "this may be Joe Biden's last year in office, but ... there is someone who was holding meetings with Xi Jinping recently in the US on the Democrat side," referring to Newsom.

He said there is a "strong likelihood" that Gavin Newsom will be running for the 2024 presidency under the Democrat ticket should Biden not run for reelection.

"I think Gavin Newsom has a very close relationship and very close ties with Xi Jinping must be looked at carefully," he concluded.

Image: Title: Poso CPAC Japan


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