JACK POSOBIEC: Derek Chauvin is a 'loose end' the regime is trying to 'wrap up'

Jack Posobiec responded to the news that Derek Chauvin was stabbed in prison and “left to die” over the weekend on Human Events Daily Monday, reminding his audience that almost a year ago, he warned Chauvin is “a loose end to the regime.”

“They know,” he declared “that Derek Chauvin did not murder George Floyd. If George Floyd was murdered, he was murdered by George Floyd himself by overdosing on fentanyl. And everybody knew it.”

Posobiec referred back to the video footage that was released of Floyd’s arrest in which people across social media saw Chauvin attempting to subdue Floyd who was saying he couldn’t breathe. What was kept from the internet at the time, was the footage leading up to that moment that revealed Floyd acting erratically from drugs he had taken and exclaiming he couldn’t breathe long before he was placed on the ground.

It was because of the initial video that circulated that “America decided that we were going to put all our blames” on Chauvin, “just like [what] was done in ancient times.”

“A scapegoat was used to take up all the sins of the society and was then sacrificed in order to absolve those sins. And so that's what we did,” Posobiec stated. We decided that society was sinful, and that our scapegoat to be sacrificed was Derek Chauvin.

“Of course, here's the problem. The Scapegoat never actually survives the sacrifice, or at least it didn't in the past. But now times have changed.

“The color revolution that George Floyd's death was used to spark, that gave cover to a stolen election in 2020,” he said, “It's all turned off, All the energy, all the anger, all the passion, it’s faded, eroded, it's washed away.”

The question for the regime, Posibiec noted, is “what actually happened to George Floyd?”

In a new documentary called “The Fall of Minneapolis,” viewers are shown how officials in Washington DC worked to alter the autopsy of George Floyd

“Why?” Posobiec asked. “Because they wanted to make sure that Derek Chauvin took the blame.”

“But now people are looking into that autopsy, people are looking into that case, people are looking into the coroner. It turns out,” Posobiec concluded, “that Derek Chauvin didn't murder George Floyd. That Derek Chauvin, whatever he's done in his life, is certainly innocent of the murder of George Floyd. And we have an innocent man behind bars. That's a loose end to the regime, a loose end that the regime is trying to wrap up.”

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