16-year-old boy killed, 16 others injured in knife attack by suspected Algerian Muslims at village festival in France: report

A gang of around 10 thugs with knives attacked a village festival hosting teenagers in Crepol, a rural French town, on Nov. 19, leaving one dead and 16 seriously injured. It is now being reported that the attackers were a gang of Algerian Muslims who, as one eyewitness stated, were screaming, “We are going to kill white people.”

“It wasn’t just a fight like we’re used to, where there’s little punches thrown at each other. We saw between 15 and 20 people arrive. We didn’t know them, they took out the knives, they were there to kill. We experienced it as an attack,” the eyewitness told French media last week.

Nine witnesses in total reported hearing anti-white slurs from the attackers.

While the identities of the attackers remain unverified by local authorities, many online social media accounts are reporting them as “Arabs” and “Algerian Muslims.”

Footage that circulated on social media also shows the mob yelling “F**king gwer” which, as Remix reports, is and Arabic slur for white people.


Nine individuals were arrested on suspicion of murder on Nov. 21. Without providing further details, the public prosecutor’s office said that "Six people, including two minors, were remanded in custody. Three people, including one minor, were placed under judicial supervision."

An investigation has been opened into charges including attempted murder and "murder in an organised gang," according to France 24.

French police first reported the incident as a brawl but later amended their statement: “A brawl is two groups of young people who have decided to make an appointment and confront each other. Here, we are not in that configuration.”

“They did not come to have fun but to cause harm,” Crépol Mayor Martine Lagut told local media, according to the New York Post.

“These are 16, 17-year-old children from the surrounding villages who were there. Parents have already come to pick up their children, but some found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Lagut said.

“They were leaving and these people arrived with knives to attack them.”

The 16-year-old who was murdered was only identified as Thomas, an avid rugby player.

Olivier Véran, Emmanuel Macron’s spokesman, warned that the death of Thomas was “a tragedy that puts us at risk of a tipping-over of our society if we don’t rise to the occasion," the Telegraph reports.

This attack comes on the heels of 5 women and children being stabbed in Dublin last week by a knife-wielding Algerian immigrant.

Image: Title: Crepole attack