EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone blasts those who claimed Trump would lock up political opponents during his presidency

Political activist Roger Stone joined Jack Posobiec on Human Events Daily, the 60-year anniversary of President John Kennedy's assassination, to unpack the struggles Donald Trump will face heading into the 2024 presidential election and to call out the hypocrisy from the left that is being witnessed by all of America.

“There's a direct line from the murder of John Kennedy, to the silent coup that removed Richard Nixon to the attempted takedown of Ronald Reagan and Iran Contra which failed, to the attempted takedown of Donald Trump in two phony impeachments and ultimately removing from him from power by manipulating the results of the last presidential election,” Stone explained.

He called out the Republican Party in office for standing by as the United State’s sovereignty is surrendered “to the New World Order global government,” stating that Donald Trump is the only “political force that can stop this” and that he “does so at an enormous personal cost to himself.”

Stone highlighted how the left has been arresting and silencing their political enemies, something they warned Trump would do while he was in office. These are everyone from the J6 protesters to those who were affiliated with Trump and have now been dragged before courts in Georgia, Florida, DC and New York.

“Let's be clear,” he averred. “They're the ones who are surveilling us without warrants. They're the ones who are censoring our free speech. They're the ones who are arresting and locking up their political opponents. They are the ones who have opened the border to terrorists and criminals who had it.”

He argued that Joe Biden is in fact the biggest danger to democracy at the moment. “If Joe Biden is reelected, it's the last election you will ever have,” he warned.

Posobiec asked Stone, “What does Donald Trump need to do from now until then, to ensure that he becomes the next president?”

He replied that Trump has “a very tortured path forward.” The civil and criminal trials he is involved in, Stone explained, are designed to “siphon his resources, to distract him to destroy his schedule” and ultimately drain him of his energy going into the 2024 election.

“He has to sit in court when he should be out campaigning,” he stated.

Stone predicted that Trump will “win Iowa comfortably” but will still need aggressive campaigning in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. He will also need, Stone concluded, “very aggressive and very good lawyering” in the cases that have been brought against him as prosecutors will need to prove that Trump “knew that he lost but he conspired with others to claim to power.”

This, he said, will never happen, as Donald Trump has never believed the outcome of the 2020 elections were accurate.

Watch the full episode below.

Image: Title: Poso Stone


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