EXCLUSIVE: Mike Lindell celebrates ruling that plaintiffs in Georgia voting machines case are not conspiracy theorists: 'The tinfoil hat is off!'

Mike Lindell has been publicly celebrating the ruling from a Georgia judge in the case against electronic voting machines that read the evidence in the case “does not suggest that the Plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety."

He posted to X: "Historical ruling by Judge! Anyone questioning elections or election machines are not conspiracy theorist!"

He joined Jack Posobiec on Human Events Daily Tuesday to declare that “the tinfoil hat is off!”

Lindell famously uses his large platform to advocate for secure elections and paper ballots.

He said he hoped that the case would play out as it had in Argentina, where electronic voting machines were outlawed in four months' time. 30 million Argentinians voted via paper ballots and results were presented the same day the election took place. This Lindell argued, negates the argument that switching to paper ballots before the 2024 presidential election would take too long.

The US also has “the best hand-counting alternative,” he reported, compared to other countries Lindell has met with such as the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands. He also said that using paper ballots is 10 times cheaper than voting machines and more secure with the use of surveillance cameras.

The judge presiding over the Georgia case, Amy Totenberg, who is in fact a liberal, also stated that “the cybersecurity features and potential vulnerabilities of these machines could lead to people losing their constitutional rights.”

Lindell reminded viewers that the RNC passed a resolution in August that demanded hand-counted paper ballots, same-day voting, precinct-level voting, as well as signature requirements. This, he explained, will keep “uniparty RINOs” from arguing that they believe the voting machines work. If they do, he warned, they will be singled out and it will be known to Republican voters.

Mike Lindell has long been a public punching bag of the left. The IRS has recently opened 5 audits on his company, MyPillow. Last year the FBI seized his phone while he was in the drive-thru line at a Hardee’s, saying they had a warrant to search him over alleged election interference. His cell phone has still not been returned to him, he reported.

Read more about Lindell’s fight for secure elections here: lindellplan.com

Watch the full episode below.

Image: Title: Poso Lindell