UK teen stabbed to death when 'picking friend's little brother up from school'

Tragedy struck in the United Kingdom on Tuesday when Alfie Lewis, 15, was stabbed to death outside St. Margaret's Primary School in Horsforth near Leeds.

The Sun reports that Lewis was picking up his friend's little brother from school when he was attacked by a gang around 3 p.m. He was reportedly stabbed in the stomach by "at least three youths" who fled the scene and have not yet been identified. Lewis died from the injuries.

"Poor Alfie didn't stand a chance," a witness told the outlet. "He had gone to collect a friend's little brother when he was attacked by a gang."

Parents picking up their children from St. Margaret's Primary School tended to Lewis before paramedics came. A bloodied knife was recovered from the scene, according to authorities.

Murder detectives reportedly brought a teenager in for questioning on Tuesday evening and West Yorkshire Police said that a teenager has been arrested, according to Daily Mail.

Detective Chief Inspector Stacey Atkinson said: "Our investigation is at an early stage and we are carrying out extensive enquiries to establish exactly what led to this needless loss of a young man's life. We understand the immense impact and huge shock a tragic incident of this nature will have on the community locally."

"Our neighbourhood police team are working with partners, including schools in the area to offer support and reassurance," Atkinson said. "We have already spoken to a number of witnesses and are keen to hear from anyone who has information about the incident."

The killing left the quaint community stunned with Alfie Lewis being remembered as a "lovely, kind, funny, mischievous, brave and generous young boy."

Famous chef Matt Healy, whose daughter was friends with Lewis, told the outlet: "It's absolutely shocking, this is such a sleepy lovely town. There's never a bad word said and I work in the nighttime industry."

"It's difficult to put into words because 15 is no age. My daughter is very close friends with Alfie. There's a group of them who hang around together and they are bright kids," Healy said.

The Healy family set up a GoFundMe page to help Alfie's family which states that Alfie's life was "tragically and senselessly taken."

"Alfie was a kind and thoughtful boy who had all of his friend's best interests at heart. He was loving, mischievous, adventurous and, as such, extremely popular. He was everything a 15 year old child should be and his life was senselessly taken from him before he had the chance to grow into it," the page reads. "His loss is felt deeply by the whole of Horsforth. A lovely, kind, funny, mischievous, brave and generous young boy lost his life tragically and his family, friends, and all who knew him, would love to give him the funeral and tribute he deserves."

Alfie Lewis was a student at Horsforth School & Sixth Form and turned 15 in September.

Headteacher Paul Bell released a statement on the death of Lewis and said: "You will be aware of a distressing incident in the community today involving a former student who was stabbed on St Margaret's Avenue. The police are aware and are working with the school. Our thoughts and sympathies lie with his [family] at this time while the student is receiving medical treatment."

"We are aware of the distress and upset this has caused students and staff who know the student," Bell said.

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