ERICA KNIGHT: President Trump created a blueprint for breaking the establishment's control of the media

When President Trump came down the golden escalator in 2015, the entire political game would forever be changed. 

Gone were the days of the traditional campaign trail and gone were the days trusting the media and government leaders to highlight the polls and the issues that Americans care about. 

We entered a new era - question everything, think for yourself and never trust what you hear on television. 

‘Fake News’ became a key pillar of his campaign and his powerful and dominant presence began to resonate in the hearts and minds of Americans. 

Despite the media being openly resistant towards this shift – often fighting against him, criticizing him and his allies and doubling down on biased reporting, Donald Trump always finds a way to grab the narrative and change it. 

Beholden to no one, he quickly gained the trust of the people as an individual that rose to political power for one reason - his love for the country. 

And because of the trust that he has built, he has created a MAGA army that will amplify his message no matter how hard the elite forces around him try to shut it down. 

In 2016, President Trump captivated common sense Americans desperate for political disruption,  holding rallies that filled football stadiums, bringing the America First message directly to voters. He used Twitter to circumvent traditional media and his following skyrocketed throughout the world. 

If he is unfairly attacked on the news or his actions are unfairly reported, he takes to social media and sets the record straight.

This continued throughout his Presidency - not only to our people, but to send messages to world leaders, terrorist groups, and anyone that dared to cross him. He simultaneously became the most hated and most loved man on the planet. 

And when they tried to shut him down on Twitter, he once again told them he would not be silenced and created an entire platform from scratch where he has amassed over 6 million followers. 

News stations that are willing to cover him fairly have seen their viewerships soar. Social media powerhouses who spread his messages have followings that catapult daily. 

The more they try to silence him, the more powerful his voice becomes. He never shows weakness, he never cowers, and he never stops fighting for us. 

The MAGA movement can no longer waste time playing defense. While RINOs were playing slow pitch softball for years, Donald Trump is throwing the fastball, the slider, and occasionally even a little chin music. He is unpredictable and the message is clear: America is always first. 

Just this weekend, he sent a warning to Hamas - “If you spill a drop of American blood, we will spill a gallon of yours.” This message spread like wildfire and I could guarantee these violent terrorists are trying to cause as much damage as possible while they still can under the weak and decaying Joe Biden.  

Because not only does Donald Trump send the message, he follows through. He warned that we would bomb the heck out of ISIS and blew the heads off their leaders. He said he would build the wall and he secured the border better than anyone. And when the corrupt bureaucratic inertia stopped it just to spite him, two years later even some Democrats are crying to get it finished. 

When President Trump is indicted, he raises millions and his poll numbers shoot up. 

When President Trump is attacked, he does not go on defense. He hears the message, he changes his plan, and ends up two steps ahead. 

The conservatives that soar are the ones who latch on to this tactic. The political figures that are clear in their words - and their actions - can control the narrative, grow support, and demolish their opponents. 

While career politicians have spent decades lying to get elected, shuddering to special interest groups, and using the mainstream media to cosign their false narratives - President Trump said no. The American people deserve the truth, and he always finds a way to get it to them.

He is clear. He is authentic. And he knows how to write his own story.

And most importantly, our allies and our adversaries know: he means business.

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