KENNY CODY: Speaker Johnson's rise vindicates Matt Gaetz

For the past month, most of the dullard-ridden commentary that has been written about and heard from the mainstream, status-quo establishment media was that Matt Gaetz, the House Freedom Caucus, and the other seven members of the House of Representatives GOP Conference that voted for a motion to vacate Kevin McCarthy from the Speaker’s chair made a mockery of Republicans across the nation. From congressional representatives like Derrick Van Orden incessantly tweeting about Matt Gaetz for weeks on end to Tim Burchett being attacked by one of his mentors of his district in current Democrat and former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe, the establishment base of the Republican Party has had its knives out for the brave eight members who voted to oust McCarthy.

The argument that establishment Republicans propped up and consultants was the idea that in replacing McCarthy, the Brave Eight were concentrating too much on attacking their party by aligning with Democrats to oust a Republican. What is often forgotten, however, is that the standard that many conservatives thought was so high for McCarthy to reach was one he agreed upon himself. Kevin McCarthy wanted the Speaker’s chair, no matter what it took to climb into it. He decided in the negotiations with his many detractors that the motion to vacate would be an easier option to bring to the table if McCarthy did not follow up on his promises on January 6th tapes, fiscal conservatism, Ukrainian aid, and the budget. It did not take long for those promises to falter, and McCarthy was held liable when they did. Gaetz and company held McCarthy accountable because he asked for it, and he paid the piper. 

Just like most issues, the circles of Washington are not reflective of how most conservative voters have felt during the battle for the Speakership. Most Republicans wanted McCarthy out when the idea began to get thrown around by Gaetz bringing the motion to vacate to the floor, and they wanted Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan to be the heir apparent, even though the establishment of the Washington GOP wanted to prevent nothing more. Many feared that Gaetz and the other seven members who voted for the motion’s intentions would be for not, as the conference put up Steve Scalise and Tom Emmer to replace McCarthy. These two men, many Republicans feel, would have been a vastly minor improvement at the very best.

What was accomplished in the end, however, was the House GOP Conference nominating the most conservative nominee in modern American history, as Lousiana Congressman Mike Johnson unanimously won over his colleagues within the caucus to become the 56th Speaker of the House of Representatives. Unlike Scalise, Emmer, or McCarthy, Johnson was known as one of the chief architects of America First legal procedure within Congress, becoming an ardent defender of the Constitution and President Donald Trump on multiple fronts. From voting against Ukrainian aid on all but one funding package since 2021, supporting the impeachment of President Joe Biden through congressional investigations, defending President Trump during his impeachment trials, and even taking the results of the 2020 election to court, Johnson was not some establishment Republican that corporations and moderates had given the chair, but instead, one of the most consistent and passionate constitutional conservatives that serve in the House of Representatives that now possesses the third most powerful post in all of federal politics. Johnson is already making strides leading the House, as he is negotiating subverting IRS funding into foreign aid to Israel and has openly supported impeaching President Joe Biden on mainstream media.

While many want to hate on Matt Gaetz, Tim Burchett, Nancy Mace, Matt Rosendale, and others for voting to hold a Republican leader accountable, it is utter and complete nonsense to believe that this is some embarrassment for conservatism. The ending outcome of the past month has been seating the most conservative voting Speaker of the House of Representatives nominee in American history to the chair, the GOP holding their own accountable for pretenses, and having an actual spine by fighting the establishment by doing so. In no way, shape, or form is this kind of accountability a loss. Still, instead, it should set a precedent on how Republicans in Washington should behave for the foreseeable future.

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