DAVID KRAYDEN: FBI director and Homeland Security secretary both worked hard to make America safe for terrorists

It is significant that both Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and FBI Director Christopher Wray both appeared before a Senate committee this week. 

Both have proven themselves to be absolutely disgraceful in fulfilling their jobs, complete clowns in the performance of their duties and abject failures in their supposed objective of making America safe.

So as America stands on the verge of a Third World War – you take your choice whether it breaks out in Ukraine or the Middle East or perhaps even concurrently – Wray had the gall to suggest that America is also on the precipice of more terrorist attacks.

"The actions of Hamas and its allies will serve as an inspiration the likes of which we haven't seen since ISIS launched its so-called caliphate several years ago," Wray told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Monday.

“This is not a time for panic, but it is a time for vigilance,” Wray insisted. 

It hasn’t taken long for the mainstream media to start panicking and with news anchors all warning about another 9/11 attack on the way. They have snapped up the bait and are willing and enthusiastically regurgitating the talking points. A good threat to national security is almost as much fun as sitting around in the desert and waiting for World War III to begin.  

But don’t be fooled by Wray’s seemingly reassuring talk. This is a contemptible top cop who has done little to nothing to focus on America’s real enemies over the past three years but has instead targeted the hobgoblins of President Joe Biden’s febrile administration that has remained a festering pocket of government overreach. That administration, through its Department of Justice and by extension the FBI, has chosen to persecute former President Donald Trump, all MAGA supporters, anyone who walked into the White House on Jan. 6, 2021, pro-life activists and parents who attended school board meetings to protest academia’s gnawing obsession with Critical Race Theory. 

Wray has been concerned about the actions, thoughts and political beliefs of average Americans and shown very little worry about anyone living in the United States who might be inclined to show solidarity with “Hamas and its allies” as the Biden administration becomes deeper and deeper immersed in an escalating war in the Middle East. 

Even though Wray has issued muted warnings about the porous southern border, he has nonetheless been in lockstep with his ally, Mayorkas, who once again sat in front of a Congressional committee this week and appeared to be either too stupid to recognize the facts, totally unashamed of those facts or just so trained to read the administration’s talking points that he is incapable of going off-script for a moment of veracity.

How many times has Mayorkas sat there in front of senators or congressional representatives and blatantly lied about the border being secure? In mid-November 2022 he said precisely that even as he was reminded that record numbers of illegals were continuing to stream across a border that was essentially open and accessible to anyone who wanted to take the trip.

Almost a year later, that stream of “refugees” or “migrants” has continued unabated and by late September, 3.8 million illegals had penetrated the border with 1.5 million of them still living here. And living in relative luxury compared to a lot of Americans who are on food stamps. We all know the Biden administration drill, with illegals getting on the bus, then the plane, being transported to the destination of their choice and then getting established with spending money, free medical care that most American citizens aren’t eligible for and some gratis legal advice from immigration lawyers who shouldn’t even be assigned to their cases because these people have contravened the immigration system.

So was Mayorkas concerned about terrorists being among these illegals? Not at all. The homeland security grand poobah could only echo the incredibly bizarre and tortured belief of Joe Biden that “white supremacists” pose “the most prominent threat” to Americans. 

This remains a figment of Biden’s increasingly constrained imagination – or perhaps just a bugaboo of the woke idiots within the administration who are stuffing the president into increasingly uncomfortable policy crates – but Mayorkas has been seeing white supremacists under every bed since he began his sorry tenure at public safety. Ironically, and tragically, public safety has always been the last thing on Mayorkas mind.

Isn’t it strange that no one is talking about white supremacists posting an existential threat to America right now with all those Muslims in the Arab world seeking the destruction of the United States?

And speaking of terrorists, just how many potentially entered the United States during Biden’s open border policy? Well don’t bother to ask because they can’t tell you. In fact the White House is well beyond even trying to deny that terrorists have seen the Welcome doormat on the southern border and believed it. 

On Tuesday National Security flak John Kirby, did his usual faceplant when asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy if he was concerned about an exodus of Hamas terrorists coming to America.

"We are always concerned about the potential presence on U.S. soil of terrorists coming from overseas. That's something we're always worried about," Kirby said, adding, "I can't speak to this intelligence report that was leaked to the media. I wouldn't do that. I can tell you that we are constantly monitoring as best we can, all ports of entry to the country for the potential arrival of anybody who might wish us harm.”

Well, clearly this administration has never been concerned about the “potential presence on U.S. soil of terrorists” or it might have made some effort to seal the border or at least executive a legitimate and comprehensible immigration policy other than all takers accepted. 

Kirby, you might recall, was the mouthpiece of the administration for much of the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan and his befuddled face and unintelligible answers became part of that tragic experience. He remains the personification of incompetence, a man who can’t even seem to read a talking point with even a hint of conviction.

The FBI director can certainly muster some conviction and he was doing his damndest this week in front of the senators. He really wants you to believe that any present crisis is not of his making. Remember how Wray told you there was a crisis at the border when Mayorkas wouldn’t do so? He was always there to make known his remonstrances about problems at the border.

Except it’s all misdirection. The border wasn’t Wray’s purview. Wray was the hand of the FBI that followed the political agenda of the Biden-controlled justice department and refused to follow-up on the real threats to America’s safety and security. Wray chose to concerned parents over terrorists; Trump supporters or Hamas supporters; and imagined insurrectionists over the pro-Palestinian mobs that are right now occupying the White House.

Wray was on the same team as Mayorkas. He remains there. 

It’s a losing combination. 

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