German university students demand 'gloryholes' be installed in lecture halls for 'queer inclusion'

A group of students at the German University of Augsburg demanded that “gloryholes,” used for anonymous sex, be installed in lecture halls in a proposal that was submitted to the school’s governing student body, Reduxx reports.

A “gloryhole” is typically known as a small hole carved out in a wall that gives access for sexual activity without seeing the participants.

The proposal read: “Three gloryholes are to be in the lecture hall center opposite the entrance … These should be built by the Department of Space and Construction and maintained by building management.

It included a list of structural specifications that would make the gloryholes handicap accessible.

“They should be soundproof and opaque. They should be designed to be as barrier-free as possible, the height should be adjustable, [and] there should be wall handles that can be held on to. The lights should be dimmable and a possible knee padding should be installed. Trash cans are also needed.”

According to the Press-Augsburg, the university provides an information board for requests from students regarding facilities, resources, etc. The gloryhole feature was allegedly requested ten times.

The submitting students demanded the proposal be voted on by the student body, arguing that the request was the most popular on the information board and that, “A gloryhole would contribute to diversification on campus, as kink could also be experienced or lived at the university.”

“Sex can be a relaxing activity, which can be very useful in the often exhausting everyday university life. The associated stress reduction would ensure a more positive working atmosphere on campus,” they continued.

“In addition, strangers would come together to create a shared experience and living space and connect on the level far removed from everyday life. This form of connection can provide a better understanding of different bodies and can also have an empowering effect, in that one’s own body can be experienced not only as a limit, but also as a space of possibilities.”

“Building the glory holes allows the university to [represent] a space critical of heteronormativity, since kink is to be understood as a non-heteronormative practice. This clear queer positioning, would unleash potential for improved participation in everyday university life for queer students, and thus increase their [livelihood], their sense of security and their well-being.”

In response, a Christian group at the university wrote an open letter to the president, which read they “firmly reject the establishment of gloryholes at the University of Augsburg.”

“Their installation at a university, a place that should promote education, research and personal development, would be absurd and irresponsible. It is hard to imagine how such an idea could be considered at all,” it concluded.

The proposal was rejected by the governing student body on Thursday, but still caused a wave of backlash and gained attention on social media after it was posted to X by journalist Anabel Schunke.

“The ideological filth at some German universities is consistently followed by the bacteria-laden filth in the associated toilets. The good news: [Ausburg Student Association] has never represented the majority student opinion. So there is hope,” one user responded.

Image: Title: Gloryhole