Hamas terrorists murder Minnesota woman who advocated for Palestinian rights

A Minnesota woman Cindy Flash, 67, who regularly protested Israeli military action in Gaza, and her husband Igal, 66, were among the hundreds killed by Hamas terrorists on October 7 in Israel. 

According to the New York Post, Cindy moved to Israel decades ago after she fell in love with the country on a visit and moved to the small town of Kfar Aza when she married her husband Igal, who was a native of Israel. 

The couple's daughter Keren Flash, received news her parents were dead on Thursday, just before an interview with CNN. 

She told the outlet that she received a text message from her mother that said, "They managed to break into the safe room." Karen noted, "That was the last time anyone heard from them."

After fearing for days that the couple had been kidnapped and taken to Gaza, Karen was told both of them were killed instantly. She told the outlet, “Apparently died instantly so at least it was quick and relatively painless.”

Karen said that her mother was an advocate for the rights of Palestinians. “Whenever there was a military operation, [she] would always protest," because she felt "you don’t treat human beings like that, no matter what their religious belief is and what their ethnicity is.”

“They were some of the best people that I have ever known,” Karen added. "They were good people. They cared about other people. They fought for other people’s rights and other people’s voices.”

While terrorists went door to door executing civilians Karen said they tried to keep in touch with friends and family. “We started losing contact with so many people on various WhatsApp groups,” she said. “We would hear that they were wounded, and then they would just drop off completely.”

Since the attacks in the early morning of October 7, the number of people killed has continued to rise. On Thursday, Israel reported around 1,300 people were killed, as well as 27 Americans, and that 3,000 were injured. 

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