JACK POSOBIEC: Claudia Morales shows how far gone liberal women are

The neoconservative writer Irvin Kristol once described a neoconservative as “a liberal who’s been mugged by reality.” If the death of Ryan Carson, and the subsequent behavior of his girlfriend Claudia Morales is any guide, I’m beginning to fear that the breed may be extinct among liberal women.

Why? Because given Morales’ behavior after her husband’s murder, it’s beginning to look like while liberal women can be mugged, the idea that they can ever be mugged by reality is basically impossible.

Let’s review what happened. Early Monday morning, in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of New York City, left-wing activist Ryan Carson, in company with Morales, approached an unidentified black male in a hoodie. An altercation ensued, in which Carson shouted “chill, chill,” only to end up stabbed by the screaming attacker, resulting in his bleeding out on the ground. From there, he was taken to the hospital, where he succumbed to his wounds. You’d think that after that, Morales would be consumed with desire to see her boyfriend’s killer brought to justice.

You’d be wrong, because both Carson and Morales were hardline anti-cop activists. Already, Carson’s friends have said that far from wanting his killer brought to justice, Carson would have sympathy for him. In fact, according to Emily Gallagher, an actual New York Assemblywoman, “I'm absolutely positive that he would immediately see that [the killer] was a person who was suffering from a lack of resources in our community, who probably needs better mental health support, possibly housing, possibly drug support, drug treatment."

Reports have already started percolating that Morales refused to describe the attacker to police at all (which is on-brand for someone who participated in a BLM riot in Boston in 2020 and once wrote, “The police do not protect you. ACAB. [All Cops Are Bastards] BLM.”), while at the same time starting a GoFundMe which, at time of writing, has raised over $50,000. Mercifully, the suspect is now in custody, though sadly, this was probably accomplished despite Morales’ wishes.

Now, you might justifiably think no sane person who loved her own boyfriend could act this way. Comforting though that notion might be, I think it misses the mark altogether. As progressive women go, Claudia Morales is both depressingly ordinary and consistent.

In February of last year, Human Events contributor Bill Hurrell drew attention to an obscure essay which showed that as far back as 2010, the Left-wing activist class was beginning to view minorities and other “oppressed” groups less as people than as endangered species: in short, as pets who they, as childless women, could use to vent their frustrated maternal instincts.

He was right. Which is why Morales and her compatriots are the way they are, and why the American Left is the way it is. Because it increasingly relies on single, childless women as the backbone of its coalition.

Recall that in the 2022 elections, 70 percent of single women voted for Democratic candidates. Which, no doubt, sent a signal to Left-wing strategists: if they wanted to win elections, they needed a way to make sure that enough women in America stay single and childless to maintain a numerical advantage. In other words, they had to find a way to channel the perfectly normal female desire to have children and protect them into something that doesn’t require them to find partners or get married. In this case, by giving them substitute “children” to look after, which would dull the appeal of having children of their own. Thus, we get woke ideology of the kind Morales and Carson’s friends believe in, and which Hurrell blew the whistle about.

In other words, from the perspective of the Left, the reaction of Morales and her circle of moral illiterates is a feature, not a bug. And so, for that matter, was Carson’s death, which is truly the end state of progressivism. With apologies to George Orwell, if you want a vision of the progressive future, imagine men with kind intentions and low testosterone trying to talk deranged killers into signing onto the utopian project, and getting stabbed for their trouble while their girlfriends wail and beat their breasts on behalf not of the men they supposedly loved, but on behalf of their killers. Forever.

Mercifully, in this case, this politicized form of neuroses did not manage to thwart justice. But it can thwart conservatives’ electoral ambitions, which is why the Right needs to grapple with something uncomfortable: liberal women have been seduced not by appeals to reason, but rather by a movement that has channeled their natural maternal instincts into a dyspeptic form of activist surrogacy. If reason did not get them there, then reason will not get them out of it. If we want to save them, and win, we need to figure out how to speak to the same kindness and protectiveness that the Left has hijacked, and reorient it to its proper place in the context of the family. If any fact doesn’t care about our feelings, it’s that one.

Image: Title: Claudia Morales