EXCLUSIVE: Raheem Kassam tells all about surprisingly candid, personal Donald Trump interview

Jack Posobiec hosted Raheem Kassam on his show Friday to get the inside scoop on his experience interviewing Donald Trump and “getting him to open up and show that human side of himself.”

Kassam responded that every time someone watches the interview they’ll “see something different.”

"I mean, when have you ever heard him say, I miss my dad, I miss my father, like he did? Kassam asked. "And I think those moments are incredibly powerful."

Kassam interviewed Trump earlier this week in which he asked the President who he misses the most in his life that he does not have the opportunity to communicate with, living or dead.

Trump responded: “Well, I had two really good brothers. Right? Both passed away one had a problem with alcohol. It taught me so much because he said, ‘Don't drink’ … it had a big impact on me.”

“My other brother, Robert, who I was very close to, passed away two years ago, wonderful guy. He was so proud of me. He was so proud of the fact that I became president. And he was great. He was a great supporter of mine. He thought it was so incredible. He couldn't believe it.”

“And I miss my father. You learn from people. My father was a great guy who's very strong, very tough. But he had a tremendous heart. And he's very generous in so many ways. He loved what he did. He was a builder in Brooklyn, and he loved work, and it taught me you have to love what you do to be good at it. He was good at it. And I just see that successful people are always loving what they do,” Trump concluded in the clip.

Kassam told Posobiec that "It's just as important to show this side of him ... the man who's full of heart."

Kassam shed light on his experience with Trump behind the scenes: "He goes out of his way to be a good host to make you feel comfortable to make you feel at home. And I think I speak for myself and the entire production team that we took down there. You know, I've never felt so welcome."

Posobiec averred that he felt from Trump’s demeanor in the interview and because of recent actions taken such as foregoing the 2nd GOP primary debate to visit the striking auto workers in Michigan, the President is “now shifting into general election mode.”

Kassam agreed that Donald Trump will most likely be the 2024 Republican nominee adding that “without Donald Trump, the Republican Party is a joke.”

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