POSOBIEC and EMMONS: Ron DeSantis showed up on the debate stage like 'an entitled millennial'

On Thursday's episode of Human Events Daily with host Jack Posobiec, editor-in-chief of Human Events, Libby Emmons, joined Posobiec to discuss Tuesday night's GOP presidential primary debate.

Emmons and Posobiec agreed that the debate was a "disaster" and that the candidates have "no chance" going up against the current Republican frontrunner, former President Donald Trump, who is polling ahead of all GOP rivals by a large margin.

"I thought it was an absolute mess. I thought it was a clown show," Emmons said. "There were a number of things that I found really disheartening about that debate. One of them was how the candidates just continued to snipe at one another. And it was very clear that they really wanted to take aim at Donald Trump, who of course is the frontrunner, by a lot, to get the Republican nomination for the 2024 ticket."

"So I was very sad to see them just go at each other since they couldn't go at Trump since he wasn't there. And of course, he wasn't there because none of these individuals have really earned a shot at the title, right?" Emmons said to Posobiec.

While former President Trump skipped the debate to hold a rally for striking auto workers in Michigan, Posobiec slammed the Republican candidates for turning focus onto Trump skipping the debate, instead of attacking Democrat President Joe Biden.

"To be the man, you gotta beat the man. It's as simple as that," Posobiec said. "You, you don't just get a title shot. You have to earn a title shot. And these guys walk in and out. Libby, it would be like you getting up there saying, 'I should get a debate with Trump' and then actually thinking that you were owed one for some reason."

Emmons called out the candidates and their childish antics, saying that they acted like "entitled millennials," specifically Governor Ron DeSantis who falsely attributed inflation to President Trump's presidency, instead of the Biden administration, hoping to score points with Republican voters.

"This is like a holdover of this millennial attitude where they think they just deserve stuff because they showed up," Emmons said.

"Did you say that Governor DeSantis is acting like an entitled millennial?" Posobiec asked Emmons.

"Well, isn't he kind of, though? I mean maybe Governor DeSantis is acting like an entitled millennial. He goes out there, he gets a campaign team that really does not seem to be doing its job. They cut off a lot of noses," Emmons said. "I do think that's a shame."

"And of course, we saw DeSantis make some remarks about Trump that were sort of false saying that Trump's 7.8 trillion addition to the national debt was what is leading to high inflation. Now, when Trump left office, it was at 1.4 percent. Gas was affordable, low unemployment," Emmons explained. 

"We were looking pretty good. Biden comes in here, he's going to be adding not just more than the national debt that Trump added, but I believe more than Obama combined with Trump," Emmons said.

Posobiec slammed the comments made by Governor DeSantis, in which he had attacked Trump for inflation, and said the Florida Governor's remarks were a "free gift" to Biden and the Democrat party for the duration of the 2024 election.

"There's a reason we call it 'Bidenflation.' Ron DeSantis has used that phrase tons of times. It's a great phrase. So why would you turn around and give a gift to Joe Biden by using a Joe Biden talking point and blaming Trump for what is Biden's greatest vulnerability," Posobiec said to Emmons.

"You know when the prices got bad, you know when gas prices went up, you know when groceries got up and I'm not going to have this career politician out of Jacksonville come up and lie to me about it," Posobiec said.

While the two slammed candidates like DeSantis, Haley, and Christie, both Emmons and Posobiec sent praises towards businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, whom Emmons called "terrific" and commended him for wanting "to back America first policies" and for "the rest of the GOP to get on board with those policies as well."

According to recent polls, Donald Trump has taken a massive ten-point lead in the polls against President Biden, which makes Trump the frontrunner across the board.

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