JACQUELINE TOBOROFF: New York City shows the Democrats are trying to import their way out of unpopularity

New York City Mayor Adams and Progressives on New York City Council tell us the people who have come across our borders without filing the necessary paperwork are “asylum seekers.” The “asylum seekers” disagree.

The jig is up. Since Spring 2022, New York City has 110K migrants (if you trust the counters). Out of this number, only a quarter have bothered applying for asylum. This is how terrified they are to be deported; how badly they want to be American.

What does this mean? Only after these papers are filed that the process of work eligibility kicks in. Even if you have a PHD, entering the thicket of bureaucracy for the first time is like a city dweller plunging into the jungle. Then, one is at the mercy of unelected bureaucrat taskmasters to complete the paperwork. Just ask anyone looking to renew a passport or driver’s license how efficacious the process is. But supposedly, for the protected “asylum seekers”, the entire situation is taken care of by our competent local government within six months.

Adams, along with other Democrat public servants, is desperate to get “asylum seekers” working. Why? Because then they can vote. But the Adams administration, from top to bottom, is run by flunkies, friends, lovers of friends, and derelicts.

Only around 800 adult migrants in New York City have filed the correct paperwork so that they can start working and then voting. However, per a NY Post article, “no city officials even know if any of the 800 migrants who applied for ;work visas have been granted approval.”

All the while the Adams administration is pulling out all the stops for “asylum seekers” that don’t want asylum, overlooking crimes, acting as employment agency for criminals, there's been a referendum. New York City citizens and taxpayers do not want illegal immigrants working here. We don’t want them voting here. We want them gone, on the next bus, right back over the border. Full stop. The majority of the people that advocate for the “new Americans” are in government and they happen to be Democrats.

AOC, along with 12 House Democrats, was thwarted during a leg of the “migrant” tour. (Can we stop with the euphemisms? No one's convinced.) Dominican Representative Adriano Espaillat, the first undocumented immigrant to serve in Congress, opened. He said, “As you can see, this is a contentious issue, but we are all Americans.” With all due respect, Rep. Espaillat, no. That's the problem. If those at the Roosevelt Hotel were Americans, we wouldn't be having this conversation; we'd be talking about a homeless problem rather than an immigration problem.

Which gets to an important point: If Americans find this issue so "contentious" (read: unpopular), then just who does Espaillat think he's representing? American citizens, constituents, or illegal immigrants?

Ditto AOC. She could barely get the Democrats’ three “solutions” out of her mouth before she was heckled away from the podium by a furious, and lest it go unnoticed, diverse crowd of American citizens and taxpayers. She listed the demands as only someone without any children, financial difficulties, or not with a private security detail could do: Increased federal resources to the city, sped up work authorization, and an extension of immigration parole so migrants from Venezuela can start working immediately when they arrive are the Democrats’ way to “fix” the migration crisis. These are all incentives for more people to come; they would "fix" the problem the same way cheaper vodka would "fix" public drunkenness.

Again, who is this for? Approximately 5.45 million Venezuelans are considered refugees or in need of international protection as of 2022, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Does AOC want Americans to take them all? Why? And why is Adams, who sold himself as am oderate, going along with this, when it's clearly something constituents don’t want? Why are they hellbent on fast tracking “asylum seekers” that don’t want asylum, to work, only so that they can vote?

To those of us in New York, the answer is obvious. Far from the "greatest city in the world," as it was once memorialized by Lin-Manuel Miranda, New York City has been destroyed by every metric, economically, educationally, and safety-wise. This is all directly tied to Democrat policies, and the Adams administration knows it. They're simply in too deep with their unpopular policies to fix it. The city is broke and broken. Services have been cut. Criminals, whether foreign or homegrown, are treated with kid gloves. And now, on top of that, 110k illegal immigrants are already here. Adams can see the writing on the wall, and knows it's too late to put this genie back in teh bottle. So what can he do, instead? Do everything in his power to make the genie vote for him. Because if they won't, what can he run on that Americans will like? Educational failure? Rampant drug use? Chicken becoming a luxury item?

The Democrat party needs new voters, and it thinks the way to get them is to bribe them, regardless of whether they have any right to be here, or to vote at all. If they could, and if they thought they could count on their votes, they'd probably try to import all 7.5 billion people on earth into the country just so they wouldn't have to face what Americans actually want. But somehow, I don't think the Roosevelt Hotel has enough beds. And nor, indeed, to New Yorkers have the patience.

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