EXCLUSIVE: Don Jr and Jack Posobiec slam GOP debate moderators for saying 'gun violence is unique to America'

Donald Trump Jr. analyzed the "embarrassing" second GOP primary debate held Wednesday evening, giving a scathing review of Ron DeSantis’ performance on the debate stage on Human Events with Jack Posobiec.

Joe Biden shared a clip that went viral from the debate of Ron DeSantis stating Donald Trump “should be on this stage tonight.” He then made a wild claim that Trump “added 7.8 trillion to the debt that set the stage for the inflation that we have now.”

Posobiec noted that DeSantis gave “a gift to the Biden administration” and that “he's scumbagging Trump because he knows he can't win the nomination.”

Trump Jr agreed completely, pointing out that DeSantis “took advantage of the Cares Act” in Florida to give drivers a gas tax break, which contributed to that debt during the pandemic.

Analyzing DeSantis’ speech and mannerisms over the last couple of months, Trump Jr theorized that all of the lines he “really struggles to deliver” are most likely given to him by consultants in advance and that he’s “so inorganic” and “robotic” in his delivery.

Posobiec predicted that the DeSantis campaign may very well run out of money in a couple of weeks and he is now running a “kamikaze campaign” of sorts to “scumbag,” or essentially “damage” Trump before he makes it to the general election with Joe Biden.

Shifting focus back to the GOP debate in general, Posobiec asked Trump Jr what he thought about not one candidate bringing up “the deep state weaponization of the DOJ.”

By this he meant the Democrats are “trying to throw the top opposition candidate in jail, dissolve your businesses [and] muzzle everybody who even speaks out against it.”

“They spend more time arguing about gun control and a Republican debate,” Trump Jr responded. “What can we give the Democrats on this one? More time arguing about amnesty than what actually is something that really concerns a lot of Americans.”

He stated that the GOP allowed the hosts from Univision and MSNBC to “make Republicans argue about things that no Republican voter actually wants.”

“It's truly special,” he added.

Posobiec referred back to a point in the debate where Univision moderator Ilia Calderón suggested “gun violence is unique to America.” He said he was “flabbergasted” and it was “actually humiliating to see the party get to this point.”

DTJ joked, “MS-13 gang members, those are very nice people. They purely bludgeoned people with baseball bats. There's no gun violence involved, even though we see the cartels going after the Mexican government and Mexican military and winning.”

Image: Title: Poso DTJ