BREAKING: Owen Shroyer will report to federal prison by October 24

Owen Shroyer broke the news on Jack Posobiec's Human Events Live that the government has required him to turn himself  into federal prison show Wednesday. He was sentenced to not only two months in prison but also “a year supervised probation, something completely unheard of, unprecedented.”

He disclosed to Posobiec that he was “stunned in the courtroom when this happened” adding, “We were stunned when the government entered their sentencing memo asking for four months in jail.”

“I obviously don't belong in jail. I'm not a violent criminal. I guess really my biggest mistake is not being a liberal Democrat and writing during the summer of 2020. Or writing during Trump's inauguration or writing whenever the Democrats telling me to and taking their bill funds. I guess that's my biggest mistake is being a peaceful First Amendment activist, no matter what the date is.”

Shroyer reported that the government sentencing memo was in fact 90 percent comprised of quotes not having to do with January 6 but rather statements he had made on his talk show and Info Wars.

He pointed out that as he was being sentenced, Democrat protestors stormed Kevin McCarthy’s office in the Capitol.

“Now do you think any of them will see inside a courtroom, let alone a jail cell?” He asked. “I doubt it.”

He noted that his main concern with his jail sentence is that “younger generation Americans are going to have to be afraid of their government, that what they might say land them in jail.”

Posobiec inquired about Shroyer’s take on if the “regime” is “getting stronger” or “collapsing,” noting he believes it is weakening.

Shroyer agreed that “there's no doubt…the awareness level of the American people, as far as the corruption we're dealing with…the different avenues of it that come from our government, our media, is at an all time high.”

“Does that show that they're weak? Does that show that they're powerful? I think maybe it shows both.”

“How did the Roman Empire fall? We're witnessing the same thing now with what might be called the American empire falling.”

Expanding on the notion of the Roman Empire, Posobiec agreed “people have pointed out mass migration, multiculturalism, just a complete relaxation on the standards of basic human capital” coming from the US government. Their rhetoric as of late has been "anyone can fly an airplane, anyone can be a surgeon, anyone can be a brain doctor."

“This is why by the way, that even basic services are now failing everywhere around the country,” he added.

Posobiec stated that the government has “lost complete control” of their “soft power” because of independent media programs such as Human Events and Info Wars.

“What do they have left?” He asked. “Hard power. The power to lock up dissidents, the power to throw people in gulags. And if you don't think Gulags are coming, we've got Owen Shroyer on right now, they're sending him to one.”

Image: Title: Poso Shroyer