RAW EGG NATIONALIST: Europe shows that mass immigration is the first step to totalitarianism

It’s a story that’s become depressingly all-too common. A male migrant brutally assaults a European girl or woman, scarring her for life or even killing her, and the liberal media and the government are more concerned to push back against the public anger that follows than to shame and punish the attacker. These outrages form a terrible litany that takes us back at least eight years, to that fateful New Year’s Eve in Cologne, an event many still try to claim never happened. But in truth, the crimes are not new and neither is the attitude that permits and excuses them. No corner of Europe has been left untouched, from the great capitals to obscure places like Telford and Rochdale, where young girls were hunted for sport and nobody in power seemed to care because the racial makeup of the victims and perpetrators was a "narrative violation" that might damage the globalist political project.

But now there’s a new case that’s shocking both for its brutality, and for the degree to which the authorities, in response, have used their power to subvert the social contract between rulers and ruled. The story began last month, when a young French woman called Mégane was attacked in the French town of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin by a teenage migrant from North Africa. After apparently observing the victim for some time, Oumar Ndiaye forced his way into her apartment and raped her multiple times, including with a 29” broomstick. Ndiaye’s attack was so savage it left the woman with a perforated colon, small intestine and diaphragm, as well as fractured ribs. She was placed into an artificial coma by doctors, and predicted to die.

“Investigators are shocked, they have never seen so much barbarity,” one source close to the case told France Bleu. The attack was so bad it left hospital staff and emergency personnel distraught, with some requiring psychological counselling to deal with what they had seen.

Ndiaye, by contrast, who was arrested six days after the attack on the basis of DNA evidence, has so far shown no emotion. Although only 18 years old, he has a substantial criminal record in France, including a sexual assault against his own 12-year-old sister, for which he was summoned for psychiatric evaluation but never showed up, and another rape, which was dismissed on the basis that the offence was “not sufficiently characterised.” He has now been charged with “rape accompanied by torture or acts of barbarism.”

The attack was condemned heavily by French conservative figures, who in turn were condemned by their left-wing opponents.

“I dream of a France where a young woman is not in danger of ending up in a coma after being robbed, raped and horribly tortured by Oumar, a repeat offender, in her own home,” wrote former presidential candidate Éric Zemmour.

In response, Olivier Faure, the secretary general of the Socialist Party, said that Zemmour was racist for suggesting that the origin of the perpetrator mattered at all. Whether the perpetrator’s name was “Oumar, Francis, Michel, Emile, Guy, or Patrice” was of no consequence, only the “heinous” nature of the crime itself. Which might be true in the abstract, but this perpetrator's name was Oumar, and when so many similar crimes are committed by people with similar names, we have the right to notice. 

This dance between right and left – the one condemning the crime, the other condemning the condemnation – happens, almost without fail, every time a new atrocity happens. Last year, France reeled at the case of 12-year-old Lola Daviet, who was brutally raped, tortured and murdered by a 24-year-old Algerian woman who was in the country illegally. The girl’s desecrated body was found jammed into a suitcase outside the apartment block she lived in, in north-east Paris. She had disappeared after school, just a few minutes from home. As public anger swelled and ordinary French men and women took to the streets, the European liberal media did its ghoulish duty and focused instead on the dangers of political extremism. “Lola: France’s far right adopts murdered schoolgirl”, was the BBC headline to an article that had more to say about the “virulent nationalist Eric Zemmour” and “France’s anti-immigrant crusaders” than it did about the terrible, squalid demise of that smiling little schoolgirl.

But it’s not just words like “racist” that are being thrown around to prevent the European right, and ordinary people of whatever political stripe, from expressing their true feelings about the role of migrants in crime, and the role of governments in allowing migrants to commit crime by being in the country in the first place. As gentler social and cultural methods of coercion fail to work as they once did, harder ones – jackboot and truncheon – will increasingly take their place.

This has been made clear by the response to a protest outside the home of Oumar Ndiaye that took place a few weeks ago. The protest involved the Argos group, the direct successor to Génération Identitaire, which was banned in 2021 after it led a series of popular civil disobedience protests about levels of migration. A small group of Argos members arrived at Ndiaye’s house bearing placards saying, “The state doesn’t defend us. Get ready!” after visiting the hospital where his victim is still recovering. The group had also made a post on Twitter about the protest, saying words to the same effect as their placards. “In a society where the state and justice do their job, Mégane would not have had to suffer the barbarity of Oumar. In a society where young people do not simply stand by, Oumar could not have committed these crimes.”

Police soon turned up and arrested at least a dozen members of the group, who will now be prosecuted. Their crime? “[Inciting] wilful harm to a person’s integrity by calling for self-defence”, to use the words of the public prosecutor. Let that sink in for a moment. Simply advocating that people prepare to defend themselves against violent attacks, because the state won’t – by being more cognisant of potential threats? By making sure doors and windows are locked? By avoiding walking in run-down areas alone, especially at night? – this is now a crime that will be punished by the state in France.

The French state is sending its citizens an archetypal message from the anarcho-tyranny playbook: we’re not going to defend you, and you certainly aren’t going to defend yourselves either. There’s simply nothing you can do. You, your loved ones, friends and neighbours will be beaten, stabbed, robbed, raped, murdered – and replaced. Just lay down and take it. Shut up and keep paying your taxes. Check your privilege.

This stark message is one that should still linger in American minds from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and the Uvalde mass shooting. The circumstances of the Rittenhouse trial hardly need rehearsing, but some of you may have forgotten what happened on that awful day at that Texas school, how horrified parents were threatened with tasers and handcuffed for trying to intervene when heavily armed law enforcement stood idly by, checking their phones and sanitising their hands, while children were being slaughtered.

How far we’ve come. But we can still go further. Look at what’s happening in Germany, where there have been serious calls to ban the surging Alternative for Germany (AfD), which is now polling better than most mainstream parties. The AfD was formed in response to the 2015 Migrant Crisis and Angela Merkel’s disastrous unilateral declaration of “wir schaffen das!” – yes, we can take it! Over a million migrants came in a single year, and the German people have been taking it ever since. They’re angry and tired and they want an alternative, something the German political establishment is determined to prevent. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German president, recently warned in a speech to the country’s domestic intelligence agency that “We all have it in our hands to put those who despise our democracy in their place”. Never mind that Germany is almost as "democratic" as North Korea at this point, and that any sane person, including those who favor actual democracy, should despise that state of affairs. The co-leader of Olaf Scholz’s ruling Social Democrats has also given his support for a ban “if” the AfD is categorised as a group of “proven right-wing extremists” by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. “If” indeed.

For decades, mass immigration has been used as a tool of deliberate social engineering in Europe. Europe’s elites are addicted to it, both left and right. In Britain, a policy of mass immigration that began with a left-wing New Labour government and the desire to “rub the right’s nose in diversity”, has now been enthusiastically adopted by the right itself, or what passes for the right these days. Levels of annual net migration are ten times higher than they were when Tony Blair came to power: 504,000 migrants, net, entered Britain last year, as opposed to less than 50,000 in 1997. The same thing is happening in Italy, where anti-immigration “far right” leader Georgia Meloni presides over eye-watering levels of immigration. Just a few days ago, nearly 10,000 African migrants landed on Lampedusa, an Italian island with a native population half that size. Meloni talks tough, claiming she won’t settle until the EU agrees to a “naval blockade” to prevent the boats from coming, but we all know that will never happen. Even as the migrants make barricades and attack the beleaguered local police, Meloni will dilate and dissemble. Not one of them will be sent back to Africa.

Rather than confront the nature and scale of the disaster they have created, which in any case benefits them, Europe’s politicians will instead continue to punish ordinary people for having the gall even to notice. As Europe becomes more and more of an absolute state, an absolute state will emerge to ensure its dwindling native populations stay in line and accept their fate, whether they like it or not.

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