JOBOB: Apple mocked for initiative to 'permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere'

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  • 09/17/2023
Apple may have inadvertently said that it wants to destroy the world by 2030 in a skit posted to social media by the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, in which one employee tells a Hollywood actress playing “Mother Nature” that Apple aims to “permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere.”

Amid Apple’s launch of the new iPhone 15 and Apple Watches, the company’s CEO shared the skit where he and other employees nervously prepared for a meeting with Mother Nature, played by Octavia Spencer, to discuss the company’s progress toward their net zero carbon emission goals.

“At Apple, we believe that climate change is one of the world’s most urgent priorities and we are deeply committed to doing our part,” Cook wrote on X. “Today we had a special guest—a real force of nature—stop by to check in on our progress.”

The five-minute skit begins with Spencer, playing Mother Nature, stating, “In 2020 you promised to bring Apple’s entire carbon footprint to zero by 2030,” while she coldly stares down the employees in the room. “This is my third corporate responsibility gig today, so who wants to disappoint me first?”

One young female employee steps up and confidently tells Mother Nature that Apple is “in the process of eliminating all plastic from our packaging by the end. . . of next year.” Another employee announced that Apple is currently using 100% recycled aluminum for all enclosures on Macbooks and Apple TVs.

Other employees reported that all Apple offices are carbon neutral, all stores run on clean energy, and over 300 of Apple’s suppliers have agreed to use clean energy. Finally, another employee begins to tell Mother Nature how Apple has “planted forests,” “restored mangroves in Columbia,” and “grasslands in Kenya” because “our aim is to permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere.”

This should be common knowledge, but carbon is necessary for all life on Earth, and permanently removing it from the atmosphere would have catastrophic consequences. Many seem to have forgotten elementary-level science lessons, such as the carbon cycle, which explains how carbon moves to and from different elements on Earth, essentially depicting the recycling process of carbon atoms.

Carbon, dubbed “the chemical backbone of all life on Earth” is an essential component to create plant, animal, and human life.

Apple has been ruthlessly mocked for this line in the skit, and some religious writers called the video “paganism — worshiping ‘nature’ as a God” often referred to by Christians as praising creation as opposed to the Creator.

Others laughed at the nonsensical goal stated in the video like X user ALX did, “I think they just said their goal is to destroy the planet.”

“This video is so cringe,” another user said. “I couldn’t even watch it for longer than 10 seconds.”

“Great idea. Except everything on Earth would die. That might be a problem for the iPhone 65 launch,” Kyle Becker posted.

“That would quite literally destroy the planet,” Greg Price added.

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

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