Jim Jordan reveals to Charlie Kirk next steps House will take in Biden impeachment inquiry

Charlie Kirk spoke with Ohio Representative Jim Jordan on his podcast Thursday to break down the details of the House impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden and inquire what the next steps will look like for the House. He joked that “the Democrats are saying that there's no evidence of the Biden connection to his son's corruption. So this is all just about love, is what they say.”

Jordan responded by listing the supporting factors that do connect Joe to Hunter’s corruption: ”10 percent for the big guy” is referencing Joe Biden, Devon Archer, Hunter saying that the brand ”was in fact Joe Biden,” the email that read ”50 percent for pops,” the WhatsApp Shakedown, the thousands emails found under a pseudonym email account, and the many shell companies whose funds are being distributed to a web of Biden family members.

“But the most compelling evidence,” he stated, “is what happened with Burisma.”

“Hunter Biden gets put on the board, fact number one.”

“Fact number two, he's not qualified to be on the board.”

“Fact number three, Burisma says we need help. We're under pressure from the prosecutor. Hunter Biden calls DC after he is told that five days later.”

“Fact number four, Vice President Joe Biden goes to Ukraine and starts the process to fire the prosecutor and what does he do? How does he do that? What leverage does he have? Our tax money. He leverages American tax dollars to do just that.”

“And here's the big irony…that's exactly what they accused President Trump of when they impeached him in 2019. It wasn't true about President Trump, but it sure looks like it was true of the Obama administration and the actions of Joe Biden.”

Kirk asked Jordan to explain what an impeachment inquiry means exactly and what the process would look like to get an impeachment vote for Joe Biden.

Jordan responded, “It's a new designation that gives added weight particularly when you're dealing with the courts, because the power to investigate under an impeachment inquiry is different than the normal power we have to do oversight.”

He continued that “when you're doing an impeachment inquiry, you're investigating because of something specific in the Constitution that solely resides in the House of Representatives. And so when you get into the inevitable conflict with the executive branch over documents, and/or individuals you may need to depose, courts have typically said, ‘this is a specific function to the house [that] solely resides in the house, regarding their impeachment power.’”

He noted that “they're more likely to side with the house on getting those documents.”

Jordan elaborated that at the moment, the House is working on getting subpoenas and depositions done so that they are “in a much stronger position with the courts.”

Kirk inquired about the stance of the more moderate Republicans in Congress on the impeachment inquiry.

Jordan assured him that his colleagues are sticking to the evidence and facts and that they “understand this is part of [their] constitutional duty.”

He clarified, “But frankly, that shouldn't be limited to Republicans. This should be a concern of the Congress and specifically the House of Representatives, again, because that's where under our constitutional system that this authority lies. So I would think the entire house is interested in the facts as we now see them, the things we have learned, and following that the facts and the evidence to do our constitutional duty.”

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