WATCH: Jack Posobiec SLAMS Biden admin for not deporting illegal alien escaped murderer

Jack Posobiec was joined by Natalie Winters on his podcast Monday to report on efforts made by law enforcement to catch escaped murder convict and illegal alien, Danelo Cavalcante. Posobiec blasted the Biden administration's lax border policies during the exchange. 

A video went viral last week of the outlaw scaling a wall to escape Chester County Prison in Pennsylvania 12 days ago.

Cavalcante stabbed his girlfriend 38 times, killing her in front of her two children and leaving her for dead. After being detained by police, they discovered he is an illegal alien from Brazil. He was not deported, but instead given a life sentence in the U.S.

Posobiec pointed out that he shot and killed someone in Brazil before being able to enter the U.S. due to Biden’s open border policies. During a press conference, Pennsylvania state police reported that his sister is in fact being deported now based on her refusal to assist with the investigation into Cavalcante’s whereabouts. They also stated that they do not know where he is but believe he is still in Pennsylvania and does not have the resources to flee from the state.

“They have no clue where he is. They have no idea whatsoever where this guy is. He's making a mockery of our state, he's making a mockery of our country, he shouldn't be here,” Posobiec fumed.

Posobiec asked Winters, “Natalie, why do we suck so much? Why has our country allowed these things to happen? Why do we have people like this, who are allowed to run amok? Who knows who he's going to kill next, because he wants to get their car, because he wants to get their belongings… Natalie, how quickly are we descending into Mad Max?”

The two referred to videos of citizens patrolling Chester County in Jeeps with AK-47s to catch the illegal on their own in exchange for an award.

Natalie responded that she “really think[s] this is an issue of immigration.”

“No one is talking about the fact that this guy is an illegal alien. You and I are talking about it ... no one else is talking about the fact this guy's an illegal. No one. That's a huge problem for the Democrats,” Posobiec interjected.

Winters illustrated the current narratives pushed by the left to portray illegal immigration as good for the U.S. Some include claims that the country has a declining birthrate or lacks diversity.

She reminded Posobiec “That narrative is very easily debunked,” and that the real scenario is “multinational corporations just want cheap labor.”

Cavalcante allegedly stole a milk van that was found in a field before shaving to change his appearance and being spotted on someone’s Ring camera. Posobiec speculated that he met up with someone, possibly a gang member with whom he has ties, to help him from there. He noted that the convict could be long gone, which is why the state has upped the award from $20,000 to $25,000.

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