ROD THOMSON: Democrats are lying about Tommy Tuberville to protect abortion

Virtually everything the Democrats have said, and their media stenographers have reported about Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s blocking of military promotions, is just a flat out lie. And alas, true to form, some Republicans who are either ignoramuses or are as married to the military-industrial complex as the Democrats are to abortion, are piling on.

But Tuberville is right. And brave. And should be lauded for standing up for what so many Republicans say they believe in during campaigns and then go weak when back in the swamp.

The Alabama Senator is refusing to consent to the promotions of about 400 military personnel, including the head of the U.S. Marine Corps. because the Biden administration, kneeling at the altar of killing babies, is using the consent item to change military policy to pay for travel for abortions — the first time this has been attempted.

Most people are probably unaware that under Senate rules, almost all business in the chamber is conducted by unanimous consent. That is, no votes and no debates. The Majority Leader simply asks for unanimous consent in the world’s supposedly greatest deliberative body, and the Senate consents. In fact, the Senate rarely deliberates or votes at all. So Schumer asked for unanimous consent for mass promotions in the United States Armed Forces, which would have been granted. But at the direction of the White House radicals acting through Biden, they inserted the taxpayer-funding of abortion travel in the consent item.

What’s truly disappointing is that it appears Tuberville is the only Republican Senator willing to stand up. The rest of the Party of Life would have consented with nary a whimper. The best case scenario is they were not aware of the abortion provision. But they are now and the question is: Where are they?

So the full array of power is against Tuberville in a political stunt. Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro, seeming to forget the American concept of civilian control of the military, went on CNN and made some outlandish slanders: “For someone who's born in a communist country, I would have never imagined that actually one of our own senators would actually be aiding and abetting communist and other autocratic regimes around the world. This is having a real negative impact and will continue to have a real negative impact on our combat readiness. And that's what the American people truly need to understand.”

Wrong on every count. But not alone.

Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall said: “First of all, we are safe and we are prepared. But what Senator Tuberville is doing is doing significant damage to our national security.”

Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth went full gaslight: “And it's not just the immediate consequences, it's all of the colonels, lieutenant colonels, even majors who are looking at how the general officers are being treated and what their families are going through. I really worry that a lot of those officers who volunteer are going to walk away and basically say, I don't want to deal with this. If this is what it takes to be a general officer, I don't want to do this.”

So to be clear, the leaders of every military branch are saying that holding up these promotions for a few weeks, maybe even a couple of months, is aiding and abetting our enemies; doing significant damage to our national security; and may be causing officers to leave because of…the inconvenience?

Really? If Del Toro, Kendall, Wormuth, Democrats and the media copy-and-pasters actually believed what they are saying about military preparedness, leaving out the insane “aiding and abetting communist and other autocratic regimes,” they would simply ask to have the completely unrelated abortion provision removed. Easy-peasy. Tuberville has said he would vote tomorrow to approve the promotions. Or if the Marines leader position is essential — General Eric Smith is the nominee for promotion but is acting leader now — they could simply hold a vote on him tomorrow.

But they won’t. And that is because as powerful as the ever-expanding rainbow delusion has become in the Democratic Party and every institution in our nation, including the military, it seems killing babies still reigns supreme. Abortion über alles. It is still their hill to die on. Well, not them personally.

The actual facts make clear that it is Biden and the radicals running the White House, not Tuberville, who are holding military promotions hostage to their own political agenda. But as usual, Americans are being denied the truth by the hopelessly corrupted corporate media.

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