MORGAN ZEGERS: Miami school board REJECTS woke ‘LGBTQ History Month’ proposal

Miami-Dade County school board members voted 5-3 to reject a proposal to recognize October as LGBTQ history month after an hours-long public comment and debate that only concluded at 1 a.m.

Roberto Alonso, a Miami-Dade County school board member who voted against the recognition, said, “It’s imposing ideologies and a sexual discussion that should not be happening inside of our schools.""

According to Politico, “The idea was introduced to herald October as a reminder ‘to all cultures within our wider community of the important roles that LGBTQ people have taken in shaping the social, historical, legal, and political worlds we live in today.'”

The Miami-Dade board stated that the observation would be “in accordance with state and federal law,” specifically referring to the Parental Rights in Education bill, which placed restrictions on what teachers and school administrators are allowed to discuss with students regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

Lucia Baez-Geller a Miami-Dade board member who introduced it, said that the proposition was a “ceremonial” and “nonbinding” way to support the LGBTQ community. She claimed that those who disagreed with the proposal were influenced by “anti-LGBTQ rhetoric.”

Florida has been the leading state in rooting out liberal agendas in classrooms, from elementary through college, the state has overhauled longstanding policy in favor of a more transparent approach to education.

Earlier this year, the state reduced term limits for school board members from 12 years to 8 years, allowing the local community to more quickly replace progressive members who implement policies that do not align with the parents and students.

Florida also expanded school choice by offering education savings accounts (ESA) to every student who is a resident of the state. ESAs allow “parents to withdraw their children from public district or charter schools and receive a deposit of public funds into government-authorized savings accounts with restricted, but multiple, uses.”

Additionally, new board members at the New College of Florida recently abolished gender studies from the curriculum entirely, becoming the first college in America to “roll back on the LGBTQ+ ideologies that have overwhelmed higher education.”

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

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