DAVID MARCUS: After Liberty Safe, beware of corporations posing as your political ally

Expressions of consternation and betrayal abounded on conservative social media on Wednesday as the supposedly right-wing company “Liberty Safe,” admitted that it provided the FBI with access to a customer’s safe pursuant to a warrant to search his property.

The customer in question was Nathan Hughes, who was arrested at gunpoint by the FBI on August 30th, in connection to his alleged participation in the protest of January 6th, 2021, more than 2 years after the events transpired at the Capitol.

In a statement confirming its cooperation with the FBI, Liberty Safe said that it was “devoted to protecting the personal property and 2nd Amendment rights of our customers,” clearly an effort to get in front of the backlash this damning revelation rightfully sparked.

Let’s be clear, Liberty Safe, which advertises widely on conservative media, has presented itself as a partner to Americans standing against gun control tyranny, but when the fit hit the shan last month they did what corporations tend to do, folded before the altar of the state and the almighty dollar.

When the Feds said “jump,” Liberty Safe said, “how high?” They didn't even make an attempt to challenge the warrant.

This is not only an issue for companies that purport to be allies to the right, it happens just as often when corporations pander to the political whims of the left.

Bud Light doesn’t actually care about LGB&T rights, amid a conservative boycott over an ad featuring trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, they threw him right under the bus in a failed attempt to quell the controversy.

Likewise, Target surrendered like Cornwallis at Yorktown when it was exposed for pushing trans, “tucking” swimwear for children, the company didn’t “bravely” stand by their commitment to allyship with the perverse programs of trans ideology, it gave in.

The literal bottom line is that corporations, despite their flowery and uplifting mission statements, exist for one reason and one reason only, to make money. While that is exactly as it should be, it is also why they don’t make for good political allies.

It is a song the right has heard before when supposedly conservative Black Rifle Coffee distanced itself from Kyle Rittenhouse and donated to Democrats, or when NASCAR sank knee-deep into racial identity politics during the Bubba Wallace noose hoax.

One hates to be the person to say it, but honestly, conservatives have to stop falling for this routine and realize that in a very new way they are a target-rich environment for smaller companies looking for a niche group of customers.

In part this is because major Fortune 500 corporations bend the knee to bullies in the form of supposed “civil rights” groups like the ADL, the NAACP, and GLAAD, eschewing advertising on platforms where conservatives congregate, be it X or until recently, the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News.

The bias in the big companies offers an opportunity for competitors to fill the advertising void with messages of solidarity with the New Right movement, it is essentially a playing field that they have all to themselves and one they are eager to exploit.

There is nothing wrong with companies taking advantage of Madison Avenue’s stupid prohibitions against advertising in conservative or conservative adjacent spaces, but as consumers we need to remember that they are selling a product, not a political platform.

The left has created a market environment in which Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores put a thumb on the capitalist scale in favor of progressive policies and initiatives.

There would seem to be some logic behind conservatives fighting fire with fire and creating their own scores, maybe a Liberty, Freedom, and Biological Reality score, that consumers can use when procuring their provisions. But who wants to check their phone while shopping to determine which is the 'conservative' toothpaste? The stronger position for conservatives is to call out the absurdity of corporations' supposed commitment to social issues and good corporate citizenship.

And that means calling out not only those corporations that hew to progressive causes, which lets be honest is the vast majority, but also companies that dress themselves up in the Gadsen Flag only to turn tail and run from politics when the going gets tough.

The best way to avoid disappointments, such as the cowardly behavior of Liberty Safe brought about, is to keep a cool head and a keen eye on those who are trying to sell you stuff.

These companies are not in the political trenches with you, they’re just buying ad space there, and it is vital that we all remember that.

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