JACK POSOBIEC: Patriots need to stop the Biden regime from launching US into WWIII

Jack Posobiec directed his audience to pay special attention to what is happening to vocal conservatives in the United States right now and called on them to take action on his podcast, Human Events Live, Tuesday.

"We are in the midst of full-spectrum legal warfare right now.”

Posobiec referenced several court proceedings of conservative individuals that are currently taking place, beginning with Texas ex-AG, Ken Paxton. He is currently on trial for abuse of office and bribery after being impeached back in May. Posobiec noted that he’s “the one man who would be impeaching and indicting Democrats if he were able to go hands-free.”

He then highlighted Dr. Peter Navarro, currently on trial, Canadian Freedom Convoy Trucker’s Tamara Lich, who is going on trial today, and Enrique Tarrio. They will all likely get ‘seditious conspiracy’ sentences which could carry lifetime sentences.

“Netflix isn't making any documentaries about these individuals. Suddenly, all the people over at Netflix who produce shows like 'Making a Murderer' and the true crime podcasters, who often question whether prosecutors get it wrong or right, are nowhere to be found. Where are they when it comes to Trump's supporters or anyone who leans right or considers themselves patriots [or] dissidents? All those people just seem to disappear because they're not focused on true crime anymore…[the movement’s] been completely co-opted. I call it the ‘FalseCrime movement' now it’s been politicized.”

Posobiec demanded his audience “Understand where predictive programming is heading. Joe Biden comes out every day and emphasizes that white supremacy is our greatest threat… Suddenly, there's a white supremacist rally outside Disney World in Florida. At the same time, they tell you, ‘the white supremacists are working with Russia.’”

“Do you understand we are hurtling towards a hot war with Russia?” Posobiec asked. He expanded, “If given the opportunity, they will use it to cancel the 2024 election and put us all on a war footing. Drafting your children, boys and girls, to have to go fight and sending them over to die on the killing fields of Russia, the bloodlands. Do you think these people would have any problem with that? They hate you... They view you as enemies, as obstacles. You don’t think we’d see something like Patriot internment camps, like we saw Japanese internment camps in World War II? It already happened once.”

He concluded, “No, I think the patriots of this country…need to stand up now and fight back with every legal, peaceful, political ability that you have in order to stop this regime from hurtling us into World War III before it's too late.”

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