JACQUELINE TOBOROFF: Illegal immigrants have occupied The Roosevelt Hotel and are destroying the streets of Manhattan

The Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan takes up the entire block between 45th and 46th streets, from Madison to Vanderbilt Aves. It's an iconic hotel that now is full of illegal immigrant "asylum seekers," who are essentially treating the edifice like ISIS treated Palmyra

The Roosevelt Hotel was built in September 22, 1924, and it was meant to be grand. The architects of the nearly century old hotel chose the grand style in honor of the adored 26th President Theodore Roosevelt. Steeped in American history, Guy Lombardo and his Orchestra performed their first show at the Roosevelt Grill on October 3, 1929. It’s the scene of the first broadcast for the world famous New Year’s Eve tradition – the singing of “Auld Lang Syne.” Governor Thomas Dewey used the hotel as his election headquarters in 1948. 

The Roosevelt Hotel survived the Great Depression, two World Wars, prohibition, Vietnam, the 2008 crash, but it could not survive operating as a hotel under the plans premiered by New York's “new Democrats," such as former Mayor Bill de Blasio. Since 2000, Pakistan International Airlines has owned the iconic hotel. But New York City then rented the hotel for three years, paying $220 million for the privilege.

The lease was meant to both help Pakistan’s “economy” and give New York a place to operate an "immigrant housing business." Translation: taxpayers are funding Pakistan’s “government” so that we can finance “migrants” in the heart of Manhattan to expedite “social justice”, “diversity” and “equity.”

Adams targeted the Roosevelt Hotel to send a message: "social justice" has come and in the name of "diversity" and "equity," Manhattan, the wealthiest of all five boroughs in New York City, the crowning jewel of the city, is done. 

The indelible stain on this historic American landmark radiates. It’s intentional. Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and some of the most expensive commercial real estate, boutiques, restaurants, and hotels belonging to Midtown—a nod to the clientele it used to cater—have either completely deteriorated or are on life support. Another New York hotel, the Redbury, has seen its restaurants close down as the illegal immigrants do not tend to seek fine dining experiences.

And it's not just restaurants that are closing up shop under the new order. New York City currently has the most Fortune 500 companies in America, and this has been a longstanding income source for the city. But under Mayor Adams, this is rapidly changing. 

Wall Street business titans are done with the Adams model of governance. New York has lost at least $1 trillion dollars as 160 Wall Street firms have moved their headquarters out of Manhattan and to Florida since the end of 2019. The “new Democrats”—the ones that hate America and want to irrevocably change it and reject its ethos and laws—have doubled down on every problem crippling businesses and business owners.

Midtown Manhattan is a hellscape. It looks like a place in a war-torn third world country. The most gruesome observation is realizing city citizens were fed a pack of lies in order to emotionally accept the obvious destruction of our home. 

If Eric Adams had his way, illegal immigrants, or migrants as he calls them, would be given the right to vote in local elections. A controversial bill that would have allowed non-citizens to vote in local elections was signed into law by Adams in January 2022. It was later struck down by the Supreme Court in Staten Island, but he and his counterpart at the state level Governor Kathy Hochul are fighting to get the illegal immigrants immediate work authorization which would give them voting rights under a 2021 law and the few conservatives in the city are trying to block.

The illegal immigrants housed at the Roosevelt Hotel are being called “migrants." This term is used to normalize the situation, but there is nothing normal about it. In years passed, those who are currently living rent-free in midtown Manhattan would have been referred to as illegal immigrants. But the Biden administration's open border policies allow everyone who comes through to apply for asylum and be granted access to the United States. Court dates where petitioners can present their case are years into the future, meaning that by the time a court hears an asylum seeker's case, that person will already be well embedded in the country.

The illegal immigrants at the Roosevelt, however, are partying, breaking laws, and hanging out on the streets, from little kids up to adults.

It appears that there are two groups and they have their own entrances. The Africans, comprised primarily of single men, no women, children or families, are on the 45th Street side. The Hispanics (young men, young women, lots of kids) are on the 46th Street side. 

Security is different for all three streets with access points to the hotel. On both the 46th street side and Vanderbilt, Mulligan Security was present. On the 45th Street side, there were independent contractors, people from Mulligan Security, NYPD, and National Guardsmen. They treated me like an unwelcome interloper, rebuffing most questions, rejecting my bid to enter the hotel, and even ushering me away from a public bus that was taking some of the illegal immigrants to Brooklyn. 

Taxpayers funding this monstrosity are given no transparency, they are met with hostility, and treated like the enemy. Ironically, lanyards are needed to get inside The  Roosevelt. Taxpayers and non-migrants aren’t allowed in—access at The Roosevelt is more restrictive than at the Southern border.

The landscape around The Roosevelt, on the blocks running in all directions, illegal immigrants were doing drugs in front of the kids running around, music was blaring, e-scooters lined the streets and drug deals were being conducted in plain sight. In one of the busiest areas of the city, people were just standing around, throwing their trash on the ground, and lining up for the food carts set up exclusively for those living at The Roosevelt.

The children were ill-mannered and unsupervised. Like the adults, they too have transportation. Bicycles and scooters zoomed up and down the sidewalks, weaving to the left and right of the e-scooters. Kids were playing ball against the wall of the landmark hotel, without a care in the world of damaging the building, smashing the windows, or lobbing it into oncoming traffic or pedestrians. The adults closeby, presumably their parents, were on their phones, doing drugs, and socializing. This is who is coming to your children’s schools. City schools are open to these children, many of whom are likely more behind in their studies that city kids who are still suffering learning loss due to years of Covid inspired school closures.

If Biden, Adams, and Hochul have their way, the wealth of New York will be driven out to other states, the illegal immigrants will be given jobs and housing at taxpayer expense, and they will get a brand new voting block of illegal immigrants to vote Democrat.

The city is being overrun, to the tune of some 10,000 people per month. Ball fields for student athletes are being converted to tent cities. Hotels are being made over into homeless hotels. Safe streets are being made dangerous by people unfamiliar with our laws and custom. And New Yorkers are paying the price. Exactly how much it all costs–from the e-scooters to the tent cities to the transportation to the security—is unclear. And it's likely the leaders don't want New Yorkers to know. 

The one thing that is clear is that the quality of life in New York is in rapid decline, and city citizens are being lied to.

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