Mayor's office says white British family 'not really Londoners'

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is under fire after his office published a photo of a white family walking along the Thames River and saying the photo "doesn’t represent real Londoners." 

The photo appeared in a guide titled Look Book — Mayor of London Brand Guidelines. It was published on the official City Hall Website, gave guidelines on how to show Khan in the best light and advised official photos "should reflect a recognizable, real and diverse London," according to The Times.

The document was quickly taken down after The Daily Mail contacted Khan’s office.

In a statement, an official for the mayor said, "The photo caption was added by a staff member in error and doesn’t reflect the view of the mayor or the Greater London Authority. The document ... is being reviewed to ensure the language and guidance is appropriate."

In a Friday town hall, Tory mayor candidate Susan Hall called on Khan to issue an apology.

"All Londoners are real Londoners, no matter their ethnicity, and Sadiq Khan needs to apologise and stop these desperate, politically-motivated attempts to divide people."

Hall also called out the mayor for the amount of space taken up in the brand guidelines on how he should be depicted.

One section goes into detail on the "best images of the Mayor," which includes over 20 pictures of Khan, adding that photos of him should be "active and engaging."

The guide also states, "When you photograph the Mayor, make sure his staff and any known/ political figures are out of the shot," adding that photos should "reflect a recognisable, real and diverse London."

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