EXCLUSIVE: Poso sits down with PublicSq CEO Michael Seifert: 'You want to do warfare? Do economic warfare'

Jack Posobiec was joined by Michael Seifert of PublicSq to dissect the “rise of the parallel economy,” beginning with the Bud Light controversy and moving to the Target “Pride” scandal.

Seifert expanded on the crisis facing Target after they infamously began selling children’s pride and “gender-affirming” clothing, noting that the company should be feeling “introspective remorse” after more than abysmal third-quarter earnings reports. Target’s CEO, Brian Cornell, instead pinned the blame on the consumer response to the display and is “unwilling to apologize.”

Posobiec asked Seifert about what actions have been taken in regards to consumers turning to PublicSq in response to the boycotting and backlash of popular brands such as Target.

Seifert responded that the platform “saw an 800 percent increase in searches for beer on their platform” after the Bud Light scandal and the “largest growth week we’ve ever had” after Target prepared for Pride month.

Seifert was encouraged by the response from consumers, noting that they are “putting their values behind their dollars” and “purpose behind their purchases” which PublicSq is aiding them in doing.

“Boycotts can be incredibly effective,” noted Seifert, “but that boycott is incomplete unless you can actually shift your dollars to something more positive because that’s the stuff that will have longevity.”

Posobiec drew parallels to the success seen with movies such as Sound of Freedom that explore themes and stories “outside of the system,” alluding to the outstanding box-office number the movie has seen, beating out mainstream movie studios such as Pixar and Dreamworks.

Seifert responds with the staggering statistic that “73 percent of Americans actively factor in the values a company espouses,” according to a consumer report released last year and “over 60 percent of Americans are fed up with progressive corporate activism.”

“When you can create an economy for this group of unheard and antagonized Americans that are fed up and ready to move their consumer purchasing power in a way that’s quality?” Seifert concludes, “The sky is the limit. Especially when the businesses that we are trying to promote […] can prosper in a sea of globalism, we’ll know we’re doing our job well and I am excited for the generational impact it will ultimately have.”

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