EXCLUSIVE: MTG blasts ‘radically progressive’ rep who peddled Trump ‘Russian collusion conspiracy lies’ and now downplays Biden corruption

Following former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer’s testimony before Congress in a closed-door meeting on Tuesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) joined Human Events with Jack Posobiec to discuss fellow Congressmember Dan Goldman and his links to the first Trump impeachment.

Greene said that Goldman was "born with a silver spoon in his mouth" and is "basically the trust fund heir to the Levi Strauss family," and that before entering Congress after the 2022 election for New York’s 10th district, he was the lead prosecutor against then-President Trump during the first impeachment, "selling and peddling the Russian collusion conspiracy lies."

"And he’s also the self-appointed de facto attorney for now Hunter Biden and Joe Biden," she added.

Greene said that Goldman had to admit during his statements that Archer testified about Hunter Biden putting his father on the phone over 20 times during business meetings, "but then he tried to spin it around and said 'oh no, they’re talking about niceties and the weather.'"

The Georgia representative said that business meetings always start with niceties such as the weather, "but the truth is Hunter Biden put his father on the phone, Devon Archer told us, because they were selling the brand" that was Joe Biden and the power he wields.

Following Archer’s testimony, in which he revealed that one of the phone calls Biden had with his son and business partners in Dubai about getting Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired in the midst of his investigation into energy company Burisma, of which Hunter sat on the board, Posobiec asked, "Why am I not seeing the follow-up here from the FBI? Why are we not seeing the follow-up here from the DOJ?"

Greene, in response, said that the DOJ had this information back in 2020, with then-Attorney General Bill Barr having the confidential human source document, the FD 1023, which showed that the Hunter and Joe Biden received $5 million each from the Burisma head.

"And of course, Devon Archer told the truth when he was talking about Hunter getting his father on the phone and how they would call … into DC. Calling into DC meant calling into Joe Biden, because Joe Biden was the brand that Hunter and Devon Archer were selling to their corrupt business partners with Burisma in Ukraine."

"And of course, Joe Biden delivered because he was the product. He was the service they were selling, and he was making money on it as well."

Greene said that this was how the Biden family got rich, selling access to Joe Biden.

Posobiec noted that Democrats "never expected Trump to win and set all of this into motion," banking on Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 election, and the money the Bidens received from the overseas dealings were meant to be Joe Biden’s retirement money after over half a century in government.

Greene agreed, saying that Democrats assumed Clinton would win the office and "that was the end of Joe Biden’s political career."

"And so he went and worked as hard as possible to make these business deals with his son Hunter Biden, like you said, so they could put away all of this money. This big nest egg, this big retirement, Joe Biden thought his political career was over."

"But things didn't turn out that way, America elected President Trump, and then the deep state went into action."

Noting "all these characters," Greene said that her freshman colleague Goldman is a federal prosecutor, "and he uses his job every single day to continue to prosecute President Trump."

In committee meetings with her colleague, Greene noted that Goldman, regardless of the issue at hand, "finds any way possible to attack President Trump in the five minutes that he's given on our very important committee hearings."

Greene said that Goldman is "not just a leftist," he is "radically progressive. He’s more in the lane of like, George Soros."

"That's who Dan Goleman is. Remember, he's a trust fund baby. He's the heir of Levi Strauss. He's not connected to real America, and he definitely has a communist mindset."

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