New arrest warrant issued for former Pakistani PM Imran Khan days after Revolver interview

An arrest warrant has been issued for former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, coming just days after an interview was posted by Revolver News featuring the former leader.

According to Reuters, the non-bailable arrest warrant was issued by Pakistan’s election commission. It is currently unclear what charge the election commission’s order is related to, and whether police would be acting on the warrant.

Khan was arrested in May in connection with a corruption case, and was released on bail in the following days after unrest spread across Pakistan. The Supreme Court in Pakistan ruled in May that the arrest of Khan was unlawful.

Khan was ousted from office in April of 2022, and has faced multiple charges since then, including sedition, murder, and graft.

The arrest warrant comes after Pakistan’s interior minister said last week that the government would open criminal proceedings against the former leader on charges of exposing official secrets in relation to diplomatic correspondences between Washington DC and Islamabad.

On Saturday, Khan posted an interview that took place between himself and Darren Beattie of Revolver News.

Khan said that while studying in England, "I found out that the only difference between prosperous countries and poor countries is rule of law. Countries that have a just system where the weak are protected from the strong by the Constitution and the Judiciary, and when the powerful are brought under the law, they prosper."

Khan said that developing countries remain poor, despite having resources, "because they do not have rule of law, so hence I called my party Movement for Justice."

"But when you try and bring the powerful under the control, bringing them under the law, that means you’re taking on powerful mafias who are benefiting from a corrupt system," they are "not going to give up control easily because they are beneficiaries and that for power and power brings in money and they’re above the law, they can break the law and get away with it."

Image: Title: imran beattie