UK man beats climate activist after slow-moving protest allegedly causes pregnant girlfriend to crash car

After a pregnant woman's car crashed on a street in London, her boyfriend got out of the vehicle to punch and kick one of the activists blocking traffic.

In a video clip reporting the incident, the woman can be seen coming out of her crashed vehicle. She approached the protestors, who were part of the group, "Just Stop Oil," yelling, "Stop now!... I'm pregnant."

After she went by the protesters, her boyfriend got out of the vehicle as well and approached one of the protesters, saying, "Stop recording, you little s***!"

The man went up to the activist, Daniel Knorr, a 21-year-old student at Oxford. Knorr had previously been tackled and then carried off the field at a cricket game while vying for the "Just Stop Oil" group. 

The man punched Knorr and then kicked him on the ground. 

Just Stop Oil tweeted in response, "Daniel was assaulted while marching this morning, and remained nonviolent throughout. Disruption is difficult, but it's necessary."

After the incident, according to the Daily Mail, Knorr said, "'I haven't said anything to the police and I don't plan to."


"I can tell with the fact that he'd just been in a car accident, he was very stressed," Knorr went on. 

One witness to the incident said, "The protest was just like so many others we've seen in London with a string of people in orange bibs blocking two lanes of the street and marching slowly."

"I'm not sure why they were so angry but I suspect they blamed the protest for causing the [crash] - and the one who got attacked had his own phone out so they may have thought he was filming them," the witness went on. 

In a video of Daniel before a separate protest, Knorr said, "This is something that has to happen because the alternative is just not even - I can't bear thinking of it."

"They call it Climate Change, the Climate Crisis, Mass Death Project, whatever you want to call it. It continues. It's just too terrible for me to even think of too much," he went on. 

Knorr credited his university lectures at Oxford for the passion he has and then speculated heat wave deaths in the world number around 10 million a year. 

A study published in the Lancet claims the number of deaths from both heat and cold in 2019 was a little over five million. The rate of death from the heat was "seven deaths per 100,000" and from the cold was "67 deaths per 100,000."

Image: Title: kicked protester