Jack Posobiec demands Disney explain why they didn't release anti-child trafficking film 'Sound of Freedom' after owning it for 5 years

Following its opening day success on Tuesday, Jack Posobiec of Human Events discussed the immense success of Sound of Freedom, an anti-pedophile film that Disney owned the rights to for five years but refused to produce. 

Posobiec confirmed that Sound of Freedom was the single most successful film in the US on July 4, blowing Disney's Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny out of the water, while only being shown in half the theaters across the nation.

The host said that while those who partake in access journalism attempted to hype Indiana Jones over the holiday, no one seemed to be talking about "Sound of Freedom" leading up to its release. "This film has ignited a wildfire [and] it started with, of course, believers. Conservative shows, outlets like Human Events, our work on independent media, it's gone beyond that."

Posobiec continued: "I believe this film was a watershed moment for this issue, for our world." He went on to suggest that the success of Sound of Freedom is about "standing up to Hollywood," adding that "this is about standing up to the mainstream media," and "this is about showing that we can do this."

On July 4, Sound of Freedom brought in a combined $14 million through ticket sales and its "pay-it-forward" program, while Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny brought in just $11.5 million.

He said that the "pedophiles are seething right now that this film is out there," and went on to question why Disney did not produce this film when they had the rights to it for five years. "For five years, Disney had the rights to this. When Disney bought Fox Studios, Disney had the rights to this film. Disney: Why didn't you want to put out an anti-pedophile movie? ...  Do you have a problem with that message? Disney not want to get behind an anti-pedophile movie? Why is that?"

Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) founder Tim Ballard sat down with Human Events Editor-in-Chief Libby Emmons on Independence Day to briefly discuss human trafficking and pedophilia. Ballard said: "The economy of pedophilia is this: The United States consumes, and sometimes even produces, but consumes more child exploitation material, child sex material than any other nation on the planet."

Posobiec noted that though Disney didn't put the film out years ago, things have played out the way they were supposed to. "God's timing is always perfect. It's all I have to say," he said. "God's timing is always perfect."

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