LIBBY EMMONS: Joe Biden's refusal to acknowledge his granddaughter makes him unfit to be president

Joe Biden, and the entire Biden family, should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for theie behavior toward 4-year-old Navy, Hunter Biden's child, the result of a dalliance between himself and the girl's mother. The child is Hunter's, yet "big guy" Joe Biden refuses to acknowledge her, and now after a settlement, the girl is not legally allowed to take the Biden name for her own.

That name, which has been well-sullied and is likely to endure further degredation, should be given freely to offspring of the Biden clan, should not be held back as though an innocent child has not earned the name. Hunter gave her life, and he should give willingly the name that goes along with it.

Hunter, whose legal team asked courts in January to stop his daughter from having his name, has won that legal battle. But it's hard to imagine that the refusal to acknowledge his child came from him. It is far more likely that the tasking of this demoralizing deal came directly from his proud papa himself, President Joe Biden.

It has now been revealed that the President of the United States has instructed his aides to lie about the number of grandchildren he has. Everyone at the White House is meant to say he only has six, leaving out little Navy, which would bring the number to seven. 

In April, Biden spoke about the acknowledged six during a "take your child to work day" at the White House. "I have six grandchildren, and I’m crazy about them. And I speak to them every single day. Not a joke," he said. And no, it's not a joke, it's a bold faced lie, and everyone in the White House, across the country, and even the little girl Navy know it's a lie.

“She’s very proud of who her grandfather is and who her dad is,” her mother, Lunden Roberts, told The New York Times. “That is something that I would never allow her to think otherwise.”

Navy knows who her grandfather is, and as she grows up, she will know that she was shunned by a man who demands inclusivity, who says love is love, who supports trans kids, but who will not acknowledge his own flesh and blood, his own grandchild. What happens when she ends up in the public eye and expresses a desire to meet her grandfather? Will be publicly come out and disown her for all the world to see? 

Biden is a man who thinks so highly of his own tarnished name that he will not share it with the little girl, and he thinks so little of his son Hunter that he feels righteous in publicly refusing to allow the girl into his family–despite her birthright. When Navy eventually expresses her wish, not a person on earth will side with the "big man," who looks a cruel fool in the face of his little granddaughter.

Joe Biden sallies about claiming to be devoted to his family, but that's an obvious lie. If he cared about his family he wouldn't leave his 5-year-old granddaughter out in the cold, he wouldn't neglect her simply because he disapproves of her conception.

On Father's Day, Biden issued a proclamation that it turns out is a giant steaming pile of manure. He said "family is the beginning, middle, and end — a lesson I have passed down to my children and grandchildren." But it isn't, not to "big guy" Joe, who thinks his power and prestige give him to right to ignore a child who by rights should call him grandpa.

Maybe Biden thinks no one knows the girl is a Biden, maybe he thinks the press and political classes will gloss over it and just keep their mouths shut and their comments to themselves. But we live in an age where blended families are the norm, where many, many families, including my own, have found long-lost close relations who we didn't know about and have now embraced into our families. Americans know the complexities of family life, and many families suck up their shame at having misbehaved and stay true to their kin.

It's true that when these circumstances arise there are all kinds of feelings that go along with them, people can feel betrayed, saddened, embarrassed, but none of that, not one shred of those feelings should burden the child, put on earth through God's grace and love, and deserving of love, respect, and the dignity of her family no matter what her parentage.

A child, as Biden would likely agree, is not to be held liable for the circumstances of their parentage. In fact, this is something he has repeated when it comes to the children of illegal immigrants who were brought here as children. He has more regard for the innocence of strangers than for his own grandchild. 

The entire display is absolutely disgusting, and if there were no other reason to vote Biden out of office his absolute monstrous, entitled, elitist, narcissistic, prideful, downright evil refusal to acknowledge his own blood is reason enough to removal the horrible excuse for a man from the White House.

There is absolutely no word, policy, perspective, or executive order that should get a hearing from the garbage man in the Oval Office until he acknowledges is own grandchild. Could any of us imagine the audacity to tell our own child that their child is not deserving of our family name? Could any of us imagine going along with a father's wish that you ignore and cast off your own child?

What kind of monster would do this, and do it with so much righteousness? Biden made his name off of family, loyalty, and values, and now, when the rubber meets the road, it turns out he stands for nothing but himself and his own imaginary reputation.

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