Major Russian defense company ceases all other manufacturing, begins mass production of tanks

Russian defense manufacturer Uralvagonzavod announced its intention to turn its entire manufacturing operation over to producing tanks. This is part of the Russian plan to create a "multi-thousand tank fleet," which is the resurection of a Soviety concept. 

This means that Uralvagonzavod will cease production on trains, passenger rail cars, freight rail cars, metro coaches, and metro cars, Bulgarian Military reports. 

"The consolidation of UVZ assets is completely consistent with what has been reporting since the beginning of the year. Namely – Russia is preparing to begin the return of the Soviet concept of a multi-thousand tank fleet," the outlet reports. Production of artillery weapons "were transferred to the control of the Tehmash concern."

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev had indicated that this consolidation was likely. Earlier this year, Medvedev said Russia's intent was to manufacture 1,600 T-90M Proriv tanks. The country has been fighting a war with Ukraine since Russia invaded in 2022.

"As we know, our adversary (Ukraine) has been begging abroad for planes, missiles, tanks. How should we respond? It is clear that in this case, it is natural for us to increase production of various armaments including modern tanks," Medvedev said in February.

"The company produces a wide range of tanks, including the T-72, T-80, T-90, and T-14 Armata. These tanks are designed for different purposes and have different specifications and capabilities," the outlet reports.

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