EXCLUSIVE: Andy McCarthy defended Obama declassifying and leaking military information, said presidents cannot be prosecuted for obstruction

Jack Posobiec of Human Events discussed the recently leaked audio clips of former President Donald Trump that were acquired by CNN. Ryan Goodman, former Special Counsel for the Department of Defense claimed that Trump was “narrating his crime” in the leak.

“The biggest thing that I think that came out over the last 12 hours, between the last time we chatted and now, of course, is this new CNN audio,” Posobiec said. “The bombshell audio, the audio that's going to take out President Trump. They've been trying to do it for eight years, but this is the tape that is finally going to put him away, not only out of politics, but out of his own personal freedom. Take him out of Mar-a-Lago, take him out of the tower, and put him behind bars.”

Posobiec played the audio in question, asking after: “Well did you hear that? You heard that right. Every single law in the United States, just completely and utterly done for, done away with. Our country will never be the same.”

“Look, I gotta say, folks, this was the audio? This was the main thing they were talking about? Look, this is obviously President Trump making fun of General Milley. Anyone who's gonna read this with just a slight, a thimble of charity, or just even understanding, of trying to understand this is how he talks, this is how he talks in interviews, it's how he talks when he's on stage, it's how he talks when he's on, for lack of a better term. There's an old saying, it's old now at this point, that Trump supporters take him seriously, but not literally.” 

“The media takes Trump literally, but not seriously. What does this mean? So obviously, in the transcript, just to get past the goobers for a second, he uses the words ‘a secret.’ That doesn't necessarily mean he's referring to security markings, classifications on documents. He’s just saying it's like a secret, it’s like highly classified. Fact of the matter is President Trump is not a legal scholar. That being said, as the President of the United States, and we did obtain, I obtained footage earlier today, of President Trump that definitively plays a role in the case against Jack Smith. Do you know what that footage is? I posted on Twitter this very morning.”

“Well, it's footage of President Trump, Donald J. Trump being sworn in as a President of the United States, because, guess what, as the President of the United States, you have the sole authority over classified information. But don't take my word for it, Let's go to never-Trumper Andy McCarthy. The Trump indictment is damning through June 10, 2023. Just goes in and in, deeper and deeper. NationalReview.com, a haven of never-Trumpers. They would never throw out all of their credibility just because they hate Trump so much. Well, here's a slight problem, because a decade ago, when Andrew McCarthy, the same Andrew McCarthy was writing at PJ Media, let's look at what he wrote them.”

Posobiec drew attention to a 2012 article for PJ Media that McCarthy published at the outlet, which explained that former President Barack Obama’s leaks of classified information would probably not end in prosecution. The article pointed out that a sitting president has the ability to declassify any information, at any time.

However, in a recent article for the National Review, McCarthy conceded that Trump’s adversaries had twisted the law for political reasons, but noted that “it is impossible to read the indictment against Trump in the Mar-a-Lago documents case and not be appalled at the way he handled classified documents as an ex-president, and responded to the attempt by federal authorities to reclaim them.”

Posobiec concluded: “Well Andy, my question for you is: why has your entire legal analysis changed when we’ve moved from Barack Obama, from the Trump administration, to today? What changed Andy? Do the folks over at National Review have a problem with your previous stances? Are you going to come clean with your audience and explain this evolution in your thinking? I’m all ears.”

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