British woman who posed as man to have relations with teen girl charged with sexual assault by 'kissing'

A British woman who pretended to be a man named George has been found guilty of one count of sexual assault, but the 16 other charges were dropped. This comes after the woman was accused of tricking a teenage girl into having sex with her, per Fox News.

Georgia Bilham, 21, denied nine accounts of sexual assault and eight other accounts of assault by penetration in the summer of 2021. The only assault charge she was found guilty of was kissing, according to the New York Post.

She reportedly tricked her victim by pretending to be “George Parry” using a fake Snapchat profile. The report noted that she would wear boys’ clothes, keep her blonde hair concealed, even when the two slept together. She claimed to be “paranoid” due to apparent ties to an Albanian drug gang.

Bilham would even go so far as to not allow the short-sighted victim to wear her glasses when the two were together, which rendered her “essentially blind.” She was found guilty of one count of sexual assault after the ten-day trial, per the report.

The court was told by Bilham that she did not get any sexual gratification out of the relationship, and that she deceived her victim after she started pretending to be a man when they were messaging online. When they eventually met up, the relationship became sexual, with the victim still convinced that Bilham was a man.

However, the victim’s mother was suspicious, and told her daughter that Bilham was a woman. This apparently caused the victim to “burst into tears,” per the report. The victim soon discovered that Bilham was really a girl after investigating online.

The prosecution in the case suggested that the victim could not have consented to the sexual activity because she was not aware that Bilham was a girl. Bilham conceded that she lied about her identity, taking on the persona of “George Parry” after being caught up in a “web of lies.”

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