JENNIFER BILEK: Is humanity ready for LGBTQ+ tech babies and the full erasure of women from reproduction?

Most liberals fighting for gay rights since the sexual revolution, myself included, had no idea of the Pandora’s box they were opening.

Some elite and powerful gay men today, no longer the social outcasts they were in the 50s, are spearheading a movement, along with rich transsexual men, to create babies from scratch. Ostracized for their sexual proclivities in the 50s and beyond, gay men wanted more than anything to be equal participants in the social fabric that heterosexual men possessed. But it was not enough to secure the right to gay partnerships with the legal parity of heterosexuals, and to take part as equal members of society, as liberals understood their fight. 

Gay male, philanthropist, David C. Bohnett, chairman of the David Bohnett Foundation, articulated the thrust we now see coming from the LGBT Inc. corporate coalition perfectly: “Gay men want marriage and family equality.”

The only way for gay men to have family equality with heterosexuals is to generate the ability to have their own biological children within the institution of marriage. Gay marriage has already been secured within the US, and the powerful LGB, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that came up to secure it are now set upon deconstructing sexual dimorphism, which we see taking place in many societies with the introduction of gender ideology, under the banner of LGBT human rights.

LGBT NGOs and the rich gay and transsexual, philanthropist men, funding them, are rearranging the organization of society around our species' dimorphic sex. Women are being erased in language and law, and a usurpation of our reproduction capacities is well under way.

With Tim Gill and Jon Stryker, and their mammoth LGBT (initially LGB) NGOs, The Gill Foundation and The Arcus Foundation, pouring billions of dollars into spreading an ideology of disembodiment, gay men who dream of sexual parity with heterosexual men are on the cusp of having their dreams realized. In California, a new bill aiming for "fertility equity" would ensure funding for gay male couples to rent women, implant embryos in their wombs, and then take the babies at the point of birth.

Transsexual men who fetishize womanhood and attempt to own it through medical technology, once at the very fringe of sexual-identities-gone-corporate, have suddenly become very convenient, and have taken center stage in the LGBT agenda to deconstruct sex.

Other rich and powerful gay male philanthropists, Mark S. Bonham, with a queer sexuality center in Canada, now deceased Ric Weiland, the second employee at Microsoft, have helped create a political juggernaut of what is now a ridiculously long acronym representing powerful corporate interests. Men with a fetish of owning female biology, such as Martine Rothblatt, a transsexual, transhumanist lawyer and entrepreneur, who authored the first “gender bill,” writes and speaks often about “transgenderism” fertilizing the ground for transhumanism. He also has a penchant for AI and now sits on the board of the Mayo Clinic.

Petra DeSutter, a politician and Professor of gynaecology at Ghent University, has given talks about the future of technological reproduction, sans women. Assistant Health Secretary of the US, Rachel Levine, and Jennifer Pritzker, men who have appropriated female biology through surgery, have helped engineer a corporate coup to usurp female reproduction, under the guise of a human right to express oneself by surgically altering one’s sex characteristics. Along with this engineering of human reproduction, comes the changing of what we understand ourselves to be, a sexually dimorphic species. We are on a trajectory toward post humanism.

With the advent of CRISPR gene editing, medical technology is growing exponentially. Gay men and men who fetishize being women are on the verge of finally taking their place amongst the other men, vying for the right to control women’s bodies, and procreative capacities.

While most of society is still reeling from the shock that men are being allowed into women’s safe spaces and sports, and who are equally as fascinated with people who’ve appropriated the physical characteristics of the opposite sex, they remain in the dark about what is happening under pretense of human rights.

Activists in Italy, recently protesting the advances of technological reproduction and transhumanism, are far more aware of the gender industry and its threat. Americans, ensconced in the media echo chamber created by Big Pharma and Big Tech propaganda, are still caught up in the corporate hype about a marginalized group of people with body dysmorphia needing society to be overhauled so they can feel safe.

The political right in America screams that the political left has engineered the destructive gender industry, putting women and children at risk. They have set themselves up as lone saviors, while ignoring decades of work by feminists to root out this industry and it’s assault on women. The political left screams that the political right wants to control women’s bodies and reproductive rights with abortion laws. The right and the left are both correct: They both want control of women’s reproductive capacities.

The Democratic party drives the narrative men can be women (possess their biology through technology), while investing in the tech reproductive market, such as Jeff Bezos, who launched Amazon’s first fertility platform in 2019. Vast profits will be generated from the sterilization of children who have succumbed to a corporate propaganda campaign telling them they can switch their sex. The Republicans, on the other hand, are hellbent on monitoring women’s choice to gestate through control of reproduction laws, while throwing money at companies to monitor their cycles, such as 28 femtech, the investment choice of gay conservative billionaire, Peter Thiel. Then there is Marc Benioff, multi-billionaire owner and co-founder of Salesforce Cloud Computing, and Time Magazine. Neither gay or transsexual, Benioff invests in so-called “gender clinics” that sterilize children, and the assisted fertility market. He claims to be neither Democrat nor Republican, and gave $1.5 million to both parties in 2019. The market is driving exponential advancements in medical technology to give all these power-mad men exactly what they want: access to the source of life that, so far, only women possess.

Gay marriage was the linchpin for the political apparatus we see now, tying together reproductive technology, the building of a consumer base for that technology, and the adding of the "T" to LGB, to open markets in sexual identity and attempt to break the boundary between male and female.

The creation of synthetic facsimiles of sex, and laws that deconstruct sexual dimorphism in the guise of supporting marginalized people was political genius for marketing the dissolution of human sexual reproduction. At this point, the alphabet acronym is just support for the main objective: a med-tech usurping of women’s fertility. LGB signals human rights. The supporting characters, T+, in the gender brigade work to obscure the industry and technology behind the façade of human rights, moving at warp speed.

Matt Krisiloff is another gay man who is investing in the biotechnology that he hopes will give him the power of creation. A young man from California’s technology scene began popping up in the world’s leading developmental biology labs a few years ago. These labs were deciphering the secrets of embryos and had a particular interest in how eggs are formed. Some thought if they could replicate the process, they would be able to copy it and transmute any cell into an egg, as reported by MIT Technology Review in 2021.

More recently, The New Yorker reported on Krisiloff and the work of Japanese reproductive biologists, Katsuhiko Hayashi and Mitinori Saitou, who inspired Kritloff’s company, Conception, in Berkley, California. The Japanese biologists are the researchers who converted the skin cells of mice into fertile eggs, outside the body. Conception was founded in 2018 and has since raised almost forty million dollars in venture capital to pursue in-vitro gametogenesis (IVF), an experimental technique that allows scientists to grow embryos in a lab by reprograming adult cells to become sperm and egg cells.

The New Yorker reports that in recent years, the science of extending female reproductive longevity has seen increased interest, and biotech companies are attempting to begin clinical trials of several therapies, including new IVF techniques and pharmaceuticals, anticipating an eventual human population plateau that could affect global economies, the provision of healthcare, and the funding of pension systems.

This is happening at a time when womb transplants into men are being researched, and international breastfeeding organizations are promoting men who lactate, through technology. Media promotion of “Throuples,” a polyamorous relationship between people who claim an equal and exclusive commitment with each other, and sexual dimorphism being deconstructed in language and law in various countries via gender ideology, can only hint at the chaos brewing via these new technologies and the laws being created to support them.

Krisiloff’s start up, Conception is trying to remove the age limits on motherhood by converting blood cells into human eggs. However, his motivation runs much deeper than innovation and helping women extend the time their reproductive capacities will be successful. Krisiloff’s interest in IVG is also personal, as reported by The New Yorker. He is gay and likes the thought of one day being able to have biological children with a male partner.

For wealthy gay and transsexual men at the heads of finance and the techno-medical complex, deconstructing sexual dimorphism is a page taken out of Martine Rothblatt’s book on genetic engineering. In chapter five of Unzipped Genes, titled “Transgenic Creationism: My Perfect Monster,” Rothblatt discusses transgenics and the potential of creating designer babies, merging portions of genes from different persons or species. Rothblatt also owns a xenotransplantation farm. Xenotransplantation is any procedure that involves the transplantation, implantation, or infusion into a human recipient of either live cells, tissues, or organs from a nonhuman animal source.

“With xenotransplantation technology,” Rothblatt says, “children have more than two immediate parents—immediate sources of genetic material—and one or more of these parents might not even be human” (Unzipped Genes p. 72). These modern families are paving the way for a total colonization of human reproduction which is why the current family model is being attacked along with reproductive sex. LGBT Inc.’s tech offspring emerging from these experiments will not be rooted in a set of parental genes but in a factory compilation of genes and bodies involved in their gestation.

The “diverse and inclusive” queer veneer these elite men are putting on a eugenics project that obliterates women as the source of life is the same old dance of woman hatred we’ve been dealing with for eons. But now it is amped up by a tech frenzy wedded to unfettered corporatism and the power of what has become the LGBT Inc., a juggernaut of force manifested out of corporatizing sexual attraction and fetishes.

Image from Hashem Al-Ghaili's EctoLife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility

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