British woman who was sexually abused by her father says his new trans identity is a 'legal loophole,' allowing him to conceal past crimes

A British woman who had been sexually abused by her father since she was a small child recently appeared on Talk TV to discuss who her father was, and who he is now. Ceri-Lee Galvin’s father was initially sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexual abuse, but she was appalled to learn that he would be released after serving just seven years.

Clive Bundy, Galvin’s father, reportedly began identifying as a woman while in prison after he had been in an altercation with a male inmate, which put him at risk of being ineligible for parole. That is when he started identifying as a woman, which allowed him to be separated from male inmates, and it also afforded him the ability to conceal his past crimes through a “legal loophole.” Not only this, but her father is now going by Claire Fox, which happens to be the same name as a British woman who has spoken out about the risks to women due to trans ideology.

Galvin chose to waive her anonymity as a victim of sexual abuse in order to warn others that there is a “legal loophole” that allows sexual abusers to effectively erase their past crimes by identifying as the opposite sex.

Galvin said that she was not legally allowed to know that her father was being released from prison as a woman. The only reason she knows about it is that her father had given permission for her to know, per the Daily Mail. The implication of this loophole means that if the sexual abuser had not given Galvin permission to know of his new sexual identity, she would have had no idea that the individual going by Claire Fox was actually her previous abuser. 

She said: “By being allowed to keep his change of identity a secret if he so wishes, my father Clive Bundy is being permitted to divorce himself and his name from the heinous crimes he committed against me.”

“I was abused as a child by a man who now identifies as a woman and I only know because he allowed them to tell me. It’s just appalling that his right to privacy seems to overrule any rights I have as a victim.”

The Daily Mail noted that there are women rights activists who have attempted to call attention to the ease with which men can now identify as women in order to conceal their crime-ridden past.

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