POSOBIEC and KASH PATEL: Biden's DOD won't allow release of book 'Government Gangsters' and refuses to say why

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec recently discussed the presence of government gangsters with former Pentagon Chief of Staff, Kash Patel. The subject is tied to Patel’s book that he intends to publish, but it has been held up by government agencies, who are making the process suspiciously difficult. 

Posobiec asked Patel to explain the situation with the book that “we’re not allowed to read,” seeming to suggest that there must be a good reason why this book is not yet available for public consumption. 

Patel said that he had submitted the book to the Department of Defense (DOD), which is generally protocol when someone who has worked within the agency decides to publish a book. He noted that he agrees with this process, saying that it is useful for ensuring that people do not write about classified material that could potentially be harmful in the hands of citizens. 

Patel says that this process typically takes “three months,” but claimed that he was now on month seven, which raises questions about why the DOD has decided not to release his book. He said that he submitted the book at the end of October 2022, and there is still no word on when the work will be released.

He said that it is not just the DOD that gets to “chomp on it,” but that his book has been passed around to other government agencies, including the “FBI, DOJ, State Department, CIA, and NSA. And I’m like, ‘Okay, that’s fine. Why aren’t you releasing it?’”

He went on to say that former President Donald Trump referred to the work as “a roadmap to winning back the White House in 2024.” However, Patel made it clear that his book is not about the Democrat-Republican dichotomy, going on to say that he calls out more Republicans than he does Democrats.

Patel said: “If you held a position in any [government] agency or department and utilized that position to either get in bed with Big Tech and censor free speech, rig presidential elections, use the law enforcement intelligence apparatus to unlawfully surveil Americans, or do any of that style of work, I call you out on it.” He goes on to say that it reveals the people who were “responsible for those epic failures and unlawful activity.”

The former Pentagon employee said that he sued the DOD in federal court just a couple of weeks ago for not releasing his book, saying that he now has to spend more money to pay lawyers to get his work released into the world. He said that he is convinced that the DOD “want[s] to cripple the book,” adding that “they don’t want it out there because” he calls out all the major players that have made these government agencies the epicenter of gangster behavior.

Posobiec chimed in, saying that this was curious since people such as James Comey and Andrew McCabe and others have been “putting out their books left and right.” 

Patel said that his book covers everything, including Russiagate, Baghdad, American hostages, and “agencies collecting information on Americans, it’s everybody. And maybe that’s why they don’t want it out.”

Patel concluded by saying John Bolton, former National Security Adviser, is one example of someone who had actually released classified material. Because he did not complete the review process, which includes sending the manuscript to government agencies, no one had sufficient opportunity to proofread the text before it was made available to the rest of the world.

While the penalty for publishing classified documents includes prosecution, the government will also “take all of your profits,” but for some reason, Bolton was not punished in this way. This further raises questions about possible favoritism present in these government agencies, the very agencies that made it difficult for Trump to do anything during his four years in office.

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