Charlie Kirk SLAMS Mediaite, The Young Turks for falsely accusing him of inciting violence against Target

Charlie Kirk hit back at Mediaite on Friday after the outlet accused the Turning Point USA founder of "inciting" violence against Target following the release of the shopping giant's pride collection, which included children's clothing and accessories along with "tucking" swimsuits from trans-identified men.

"Mediaite claimed yesterday that I was 'inciting' my audience to violence against Target," Kirk wrote on Twitter. "This is an intentional lie."

"I was not and am not. This isn't a George Floyd 'fiery but mostly peaceful protest' situation. It's called a boycott. I'm calling for people to stop shopping at Target," he added, noting that people on the left have been doing this for years against companies that express conservative beliefs.

In response to the smears, many started posting memes showing Target stores being destroyed, but having nothing whatsoever to do with Kirk.

During the BLM riots in the summer of 2020, many Target stores were looted, vandalized and destroyed by rioters and protesters intent on taking a stand for black lives in the US.

"My team contacted Mediaite, which started all this nonsense, and they've updated their headline to make it clear I was calling for Americans to use FINANCIAL force to bankrupt Target."

Kirk said that The Young Turks have now spread this lie, "saying I'm calling for violence when the transcript makes it clear I am not."

In the clip in question, Kirk said, "Target, looks like they're caving. They say they're putting the clothing in the back - I want Target to go bankrupt. I want them to close, I want Chapter 11."

"I want them to go Chapter 11. People say what does success look like? Chapter 11, okay? I want skull and bones, all they way down to the absolute nails of the stores," he said.

"That's the only thing they understand is force. Pain is a teacher. And the pain of crossing the line to pervert our children and grooming them, it's going to be a lesson I hope corporate America watches because ordinary America is pushing back. We must push for the bankruptcy of Target," Kirk said.

In the Twitter post, Kirk said that The Young Turks "lie because they want to demonize conservatives and criminalize half the country."

"TYT will be hearing from our attorneys. If they do not retract their lie, I will sue them," he added.

At the time of publishing, The Young Turks appears to have edited their video headline to read: Charlie Kirk Tells His Viewers To "Punish" Target, And They're Listening.

Kirk said the boycott against Target, in which the company experienced around $9 billion in losses, is "the marketplace of ideas playing out," and that conservatives had for years pushed back against politically-charged boycotts.

"The left persisted, and forced our hand. They have succeeded in scaring many brands away from advertising on conservative shows, platforms, and publishers. So now, we fight back with our wallets," Kirk wrote.

"The tide is turning. These lies are to be expected. They're scared they're losing ground, because they are," Kirk concluded. "Keep it up! Make companies feel the FINANCIAL pain that rightly comes with grooming kids."

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