BREAKING: Woman CENSORED by Twitter in Australia for criticizing 'male breastfeeding'

An Australian woman who took issue with the latest trans trend of males breastfeeding newborns has been censored by Twitter at the behest of her own government. She was told that her tweets opposing male breastfeeding for newborns had "violated Australian laws."

Lactation specialist Jasmine Sussex took to Twitter to express her outrage at trans-identified males undertaking a drug and hormone regimen for the purpose of satisfying their breastfeeding fetish and feeding newborns the secretions that erupt from their nipples. She called it an "unethical medical experiment" on newborns, reports The Telegraph.

Sussex believes that she was targeted by Jennifer Buckley, a trans-identified male Australian paramedic who breastfed his wife's newborn.

Earlier this year, Buckley sent a letter to Human Events asking for the removal of an article on the topic, saying that reports of him breastfeeding were "harmful" to him and his family because articles about them were "being used by anti-trans groups in a harmful and defamatory manner."

Sussex told Human Events that she suspects it is Buckley demanding she be censored. Buckley's intent, she intimated, is to remove references to himself as the public criticism has been too much for him. She shared that, in an effort to get other publications to delete their stories about him, he had claimed to have suicidal ideation.

Sussex had posted about Buckley's adventures in breastfeeding via an article praising the practice and the couple in Parenting Queer, written by Buckley. That article has since been removed from Parenting Queer's website. In it, however, Buckley wrote "I would like to share my story of fertility and how I was able to breastfeed, although brief, potentially stopped our baby from becoming very sick. I want to share my journey of breast feeding and the birth of our child."

Buckley also claimed that the estrogen he had been taking since 2017 had a biological clock of its own and was urging Buckley to conceive, writing: "for a while now it has felt like my body has been trying to tell me that I am running out of time and that I need to hurry up and conceive, even though I anatomically can’t. It is a strange feeling and a feeling that has made me cry at times knowing that I never will be able to even though I want to."

"But there was something I could do. When Sandi was 28 weeks pregnant, I had an appointment with my Endocrinologist, and she asked a question – Did I want to breastfeed?" At that point, a regimen of drugs and hormones was undertaken.

Sussex also posted about babies being able to idenitfy their mothers by the scent of their milk.

Sussex's tweet about Buckley was removed in Australia, but is still available globally. Sussex has filed a Freedom of Information request in Australia, addressing that nation's eSafety Commissioner. She called the censorship disgraceful, and said "I will not be intimidated." She "contacted Twitter legal twice to object and appeal and received no response as yet."

Buckley posted to Twitter, saying that women who don't like men to breastfeed are too "sensitive."

In response to questions, an eSafety Commissioner spokeswoman refused to comment, telling journalist Clarissa Bye that this is "to protect the privacy of complainants." The message received from Twitter stated that the social media company had to comply with local laws and had to remove the content.

In 2022, Sussez had been fired from her position as a breastfeeding counsellor for not using the word "parent" to describe a mother. The term mother, 6pr reported, was characterized as "hate speech" by none other than the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Sussex had been a member of the organization for nearly 20 years.

She was undeterred, however, in her knowledge that "only mothers breastfeed." It was other women, other lactation specialists, who slurred her with the "hate speech" accusation, and the comments against her were all made on social media. 

"No one who was transgender was ever involved in these conversations… I was giving a history update on the ABA and how it operates," Sussex said at the time.

Sussex told Human Events that she was apalled by a recently emerged breastfeeding PhD student and OnlyFans model who goes by nominal.naomi on TikTok and Twitter. Nominal.naomi appears to have adopted a newborn and claims to be pumping "milk" and feeding it to the child. Nominal.naomi also has a cow fetish, called breastfeeding a "cow achievement," and posts photos with the caption "I'm a cuddly cow."

Nominal.naomi's PhD thesis research cites numerous articles by trans advocates who claim that trans-identified males who breastfeed find the practice "gender affirming." This is the ethical metric by which it is judged. One study discussed the baby who was allegedly nursed by the male "milk," but it left more questions than it answered.

Women who speak the truth and say that trans-identified males are not women no matter how much they wish it, how many drugs they take, or how much secretion they produce from their artificially enlarged breasts are routinely slandered, slurred and discounted.

It was Australia's eSafety Commission that earlier this month contacted an Australian woman for making social media posts that were critical of a male who posed as a woman and played in the women's football league. And they tried to have an article on the subject removed.

The woman who posted about Riley Dennis, who was a danger to both teammates and opponents, with some women already having suffered injuries,  received an Apprehended Violence Order "requiring that she does not discuss or approach Dennis – despite the fact that Smith lives over 200 miles from Dennis," Reduxx reported.

Kirralie Smith, who made the posts, was also targeted by her government, who forced Facebook to remove her page containing the posts critical of the player. It was a page Smith had set up in 2016 to advocate for women's rights, and it had 47,000 members. Smith said the eSafety Commissioner forced the page to be deleted "I keep saying men are not women."

Now, Sussex has run afoul of the same thing. The same trans advocates that want to reduce women to their biological functions, calling them "birthing persons," "uterus havers," or "menstruators" are just as keen to take on those roles and usurp that language as they were to take the words "girl," "woman," and the latest, "mother."

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