POSOBIEC: Biden's investigation into docs seized at Mar-a-Lago is an attempt to destroy the MAGA movement

Human Events Daily podcast host Jack Posobiec recently said that special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago was not an action that needed to be carried out, but that it was one that the government chose to pursue. And the question, of course, that follows, is why they would decide to investigate a former president in this way. 

Posobiec suggested that the reason for this is that the Biden administration wishes to annihilate the MAGA movement, thus preventing it from gaining traction again and assuming power amid the 2024 presidential election. The podcast host said that the reason this kind of thing has not been done to Biden, who hosted government documents in his home in Wilmington, Delaware, or even former President George W. Bush, is because “they’re all career politicians who worked their way up the chain,” noting that these are people “from within the system.”

He said that those who are within the system do not receive the type of treatment that Trump has received, going on to suggest that the establishment politicians have sources in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Big Pharma that they can work to their advantage. He said, “They’ll go to those various pockets of power and money and wealth and influence.”

Posobiec brought up Russia-gate, sexual harassment cases, and even Trump's recent indictment by New York DA Alvin Bragg, all of which he said are not aimed at Trump, the person, but these actions are instead directed at “what he represents,” suggesting the powers that be wish to destroy the MAGA movement, something that the establishment does not want to regain power.

He also mentioned Ukraine, and rhetorically asked why the Ukraine war did not break out when Trump was in office, saying that it is “because he [Trump] didn’t escalate. He didn’t escalate militarily, where he didn’t have to.” Posobiec mentioned that Trump did make use of the military in Baghdad and Syria, but that these were responses to attacks on US “forces and assets.”

Posobiec said that Trump is the only modern president “that did not get us into a war,” adding that “the system does not want regular people, the averages Joe’s, the working class, or the middle class in this country to have power, and they’re going to do anything they can” to ensure that that happens. He ended by saying that the Biden administration wants to stop the MAGA movement, a movement that represents the average individual.

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