POSOBIEC: Every Christian player on the LA Dodgers must boycott the Drag Nun award night

Human Events Daily podcast host Jack Posobiec has called for every Christian player on the Los Angeles Dodgers team to boycott the Drag Nun award night, which is set to feature the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. 

The group is known for making sexually subversive displays of Catholic nuns and a crucified Jesus, among other things. Posobiec pointed out that the drag nuns are set to be honored during pride month in June, which he pointed out was one of the seven deadly sins. 

Posobiec said: “They have a trans Jesus that performs bondage ceremonies on stage,” and some of the names of these drag characters are “Sister T’aint a Virgin, Sister Risque of the Sissytine Chapel, and Sister Edith Myflesh.” The group’s slogan is apparently, “Go Forth and Sin Some More.” The podcast host noted that the group “is a hate group,” going on to say their behavior is “exactly what you would call a hate group.”

He then turned his attention to the fact that Christian nuns do charitable work throughout the country, and that this inflammatory drag queen group is ridiculing that work by reducing the image of a nun to a sexually exploitative and Satan-worshiping entity. He goes on to suggest that the group is not operating out of love, but hatred, adding that though some people on the left claim that they do not harbor hate, “I can guarantee you that if you walk up to that person, you start having a conversation, neighborly conversation, and you drop in how you voted in the last election,” they will “lose their mind because they’re absolutely filthy.”

However, Posobiec mentioned that while the LA Dodgers had “disinvited the group” following complaints from the Catholic League and other Christian groups, the depraved group was invited back for some reason. The podcast host questioned: “Why are you inviting and awarding an anti-Catholic group at this event? Why would you do this? Why would you even bring this to a family area or a family-friendly location like a baseball game?”

He noted that baseball has historically been known as America’s pastime, but it has now been tainted by far-leftist ideologies that wish to steal away the innocence of the game, a game that a father and son often bond over.

Posobiec suggested that parents take their children to AAA games instead of MLB games, going on to mention that “players have more heart.” All the trimmings of an MLB game can be found at local AAA games, which often include a less-cramped area and fireworks.

He concluded by questioning where Christians are on this issue, asking when there was ever a time that the church did not stand up for itself. He has suggested that the church has become too lenient, wishing to be more inclusive, and now that same church has been excluded and ridiculed by the same people it has attempted to play host to.

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