BREAKING: Posobiec's Human Events to air LIVE daily at 2pm on RAV, Rumble, Twitter

Human Events show host Jack Posobiec announced Wednesday that his show will soon be airing LIVE every day at 2 pm EST.

The change, set to take effect May 30, will put Posobiec after Steve Bannon and Charlie Kirk on the schedule of conservative programming at Real America's Voice.

"We are heading into the most consequential election for the future of America in our lifetimes," Posobiec told The Post Millennial. "The 2024 campaign has already begun and it’s time to bring the Human Events audience into the fight against the globalists. More guests, more exclusives, more on-the-ground reporting from the center of the action. The more they try to stop us, the stronger we get."

This is a reprint from The Post Millennial.

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