OLI LONDON: Trans TikToker who mocked women signed to agency that took $200,000 from DNC for Gen Z influencers to promote Biden's policy

A transgender Tiktoker who went viral last year for a video of him buying tampons and mocking women is signed to a talent agency that received over $200,000 from the DNC to pay influencers to push far-left policies.

New York based talent agency Palette Management received $210,000 between August-October 2022 from the Democratic National Committee for "Paid Media Advertising." The payments were made by the DNC to the influencer agency to pay online Gen Z creators to promote Democrat policies, including pro-LGBTQI+ messaging.

FEC records show a $10,000 payment made by the DNC on August 4th, 2022 around the same time Biden announced a drive to use Gen Z influencers to push policies and an additional $200,000 made on October 19th, 2022 to Palette Media Inc.

Transgender TikToker Grant Sikes, who uses she/her pronouns, grew to notoriety last year after filming himself buying tampons and mocking women's menstruation cycles in his "Day 12 of being a girl" video, inspired by Dylan Mulvaney's notorious "365 days of girlhood" project.

In the video, Sikes said, "This is a tampon, this thing does not go up inside you like where does that go? That just hangs out inside you, how do you get it out?" The video drew intense backlash and was eventually deleted with Sikes issuing a backhanded apology.

He also drew intense scrutiny after applying to join all 20 of the female sororities at the University of Alabama in 2022. He posted multiple videos on Tiktok after being rejected from these sororities for being a biological man. His Tiktok is filled with videos promoting trans activism and trans lifestyles to his 171,000 followers. His profile lists an email for his management at Palette.

Six days after the $200,000 DNC payment was made to Palette on October 19, and just before the midterm elections, a trip was organized by the agency's co-founder Daniel Daks for a meeting between President Biden and seven influencers signed to the agency.

In a Washington Post article, Taylor Lorenz, who is followed by Palette on Instagram, wrote, "The trip was organized with the help of Daniel Daks, the founder of Palette, a talent management firm. The DNC contacted Daks because he had previously organized influencer efforts for the 2020 Biden campaign."

The article denied the DNC was paying the creators for their work: "The DNC paid Palette a retainer, which was used to cover the creator's travel costs and expenses, and is not compensating them directly for the videos they post."

The $200,000 payment was made six days prior to the White House meetings.

One of the creators that met with Biden during this trip was non-binary TikToker V Sephar, who posts under the handle @underthedesknews. Sephar's entire account, which has over 145.2 million likes, pushes Biden administration policies while being critical of prominent Republicans. Sephar criticizes Republican-led legislation, including the recent Tennessee law classifying drag queens as adult entertainment.

Two other prominent creators from Palette, who have become infamous across Twitter in recent months are Harry Sisson and Chris Mowrey. Both are signed to Palette as listed on their Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn profiles. Both creators have become the public faces of Biden’s Gen Z campaign in their daily viral videos promoting democrat policies.

According to Axios, Biden administration digital strategy official Rob Flaherty, is behind the effort to recruit Gen Z influencers including both Sisson and Mowrey although the White House claims they are "unpaid, independent content creators," despite the fact that the two large payments were made to Palette in 2022 for "Paid Media Advertising."

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